RoboForm | technological radar

RoboForm | technological radar

Roboform (opens in a new tab) was originally designed as a password manager for businesses, but the product has grown to target organizations and individuals.

It certainly has a large enough feature set to handle every situation imaginable. Security comes from strong, familiar, and trusted encryption protocols, it has secure sharing options, and it combines an excellent password generator with support for many platforms.

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Roboform: plans and prices

The RoboForm for Business pricing model changes based on the number of users requiring access. All subscriptions provide access to the same features and software. The price per user is €39.95 / €35 / AUD €60 per year, so keep in mind that the cost will add up if you are buying for a larger organization.

There's also a free tier for individuals or a better Anywhere plan with additional features including a secure shared folder, 24/7 priority support, 2FA - opens in a new tab, and cloud backup - opens in a new tab new). This individual Everywhere plan costs €23.88 / €20 / AUD €35 per year. There's also the Everywhere Family plan: it costs €47.75 / €45 / €80 AUD per year and covers five devices.

Roboform: Configuration

RoboForm offers a variety of software options, which means business owners can ensure compatibility within their organization.

In addition to apps for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android, RoboForm also offers software options for Linux users. Web extensions for all major browser platforms also mean you can integrate Roboform directly into your web experience.

Users can easily access the apps through their device's app store or the Roboform website. Both apps rank highly on their respective stores, with the iOS app getting 4.7 out of 5 stars and the Android version almost as high at 4.5 out of 5 stars. Once downloaded, the app is easy to install and use, but users must create an account before accessing any of the app's features. The app and its data are protected by many authentication methods, including PIN codes, master passwords, or biometric data.

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Roboform: interface and performance

RoboForm includes features such as a password generator (opens in a new tab) to create strong and unique passwords of sufficient length and complexity, one-click login, cross-platform password protection, synchronization, and offline access. You can also auto-complete data fields to save time on sites that require long web forms.

We also like RoboForm's folder integration, which allows users to organize passwords in the way that is most useful to them. For example, companies can easily create separate folders for work passwords and personal passwords. This is ideal for businesses that want to enable seamless password management for their organization.

Another powerful RoboForm feature is password sharing. This feature allows users to securely share encrypted credentials or passwords with other RoboForm users within your organization, which is ideal if you want to reduce the risk of sensitive information being exposed outside your company. Roboform may also grant emergency access to other users in the event of a problem with an employee.

The RoboForm app isn't the most glamorous password manager app, but it is very capable and easy to navigate through its range of features.

We tested the RoboForm app on Windows, iOS, and Android and were impressed with the speed of syncing. Although we had to sync manually, it took less than three seconds for data downloaded from the mobile app to appear on our desktop device. Automatic synchronization is also available.

Another strong point of RoboForm is the high degree of account control. Users can make many customizations to security protocols and account settings when using the desktop or mobile apps. These advanced controls are one of the reasons RoboForm is one of our favorite password management solutions for businesses.

Roboform Password Management

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Roboform: Security

As with any password management solution, a top-notch security framework is integral. Fortunately, RoboForm does not disappoint. As standard, all data stored on the RoboForm platform is end-to-end encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption. Two-factor authentication is also available for all businesses and further enhances data security, and third-party authenticator apps are supported.

RoboForm also provides advanced management controls, such as mandatory minimum master password standards and periodic password changes.

Businesses can also use public and private key cryptography, which allows administrators to share encrypted passwords and credentials with employees without them having to see the actual password. This feature alone makes RoboForm one of the best password management solutions for businesses.

Roboform: Support

Free support is available to everyone through the Help Center and the Manual. The topics here are organized into categories like Security, Web Access, and Emergency Access, and each has a list of articles to guide users through the issue.

RoboForm provides superior customer support for its subscribers and business customers. IT administrators or employees can contact the RoboForm team through their online support system or by phone during business hours, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. Various learning and training resources are also available online.

Roboform: the competition

Although RoboForm is close to being the best in its class, it still faces competition from some of its competitors. Often considered the best provider, LastPass (opens in a new tab) offers advanced admin controls and centralized account management comparable to RoboForm's platform.

RoboForm is also one of the most expensive password management platforms. Therefore, small and medium-sized businesses could consider less expensive options such as RememBear (opens in a new tab), Sticky Password (opens in a new tab), NordPass (opens in a new tab), or Dashlane (opens in a new tab). in a new tab).

Roboform: final verdict

RoboForm is an enterprise-oriented password manager that all businesses would do well to consider for their organization. Although more expensive than many of its rivals, RoboForm offers advanced features that make it one of the best password managers available.

Centralized admin control, password sharing, and emergency access make RoboForm enterprise-ready and ensures a seamless experience throughout your organization. RoboForm's security framework is also close to best-in-class, so businesses can be sure that their passwords and credentials are secure and inaccessible, even by RoboForm. We highly recommend RoboForm to individuals and businesses looking for a password management solution.

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RoboForm Password Manager Offers

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