The TV phenomenon Downton Abbey spanned six seasons, numerous specials and a 2019 film – charming audiences around the world with its lavish recreation of early XNUMXth-century England and the interpersonal affairs of the aristocratic Crawley family and their domestic staff. It is a well-designed comfort TV and you can watch Downton Abbey online wherever you stream.

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Downton Abbey made its first screens in 2010. Attracting a dedicated audience, dlasted six seasons before ending in early 2016. A movie followed three years later, reuniting fans with the Crawley family where the TV series left off.

Created and co-written by Julian Fellowes, the series focused on the Yorkshire estate of Downton Abbey between the years 1912 and 1926., each season depicting important historical events and their impact on the Crawley family: including the outbreak of World War I, the Spanish flu pandemic, and the Irish War of Independence.

Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern lead the cast as Earl and Countess of Grantham respectively., who, with only three daughters, desperately want a male heir to inherit Downton. Distant cousin Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) becomes next in line, developing a romantic relationship with Earl's daughter Mary (Michelle Dockery), while Maggie Smith gloats as an arrogant widow, always balanced on a piece of the cake. witty or withered look. A large list of domestic workers light fires at the Downton house, including Miss O'Brien's maid, footman Thomas Barrow, new valet M. Bates, and Earl Carson's butler.

Anglophiles come together for one of the most critically acclaimed English-language TV shows of the XNUMXst century. Prepare this tea and spread these buns while we detail how to watch Downton Abbey online from anywhere in the world.

How to watch Downton Abbey online from outside your home country

If you are outside of your usual country of residence and trying to access your usual streaming service, geo-blocking restrictions are likely to prevent you from being able to access the content. In such a way that it will prevent you from watching Downton Abbey online.

Fortunately, the solution is simple. Downloading the best VPN will allow you to watch Downton Abbey online, wherever you are. This invaluable software changes your IP address so you can watch all your favorite shows live or on demand, just as if you were at home lying on the couch.

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There are hundreds of VPNs to choose from, but our favorite is ExpressVPN. As well as being quick, hassle-free, and easy to install, it's also compatible with a variety of technologies: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, and Android, to name a few.

Plus, ExpressVPN's 30-day flexible money-back guarantee is hard to argue with. Even better, you can buy an annual plan at a 49% discount and an additional 3 months FREE - a brilliant deal for a nifty kit.

Once installed, simply select your home country location and click connect. You should be able to watch Downton Abbey online no matter where you are.

How to Watch Downton Abbey Online in the US for Free

Downton Abbey Online in USA

You won't need your footman or butler to help you stream Downton Abbey, as Amazon Prime Video has made it easy for you. All 52 episodes are available to stream as part of your 30-day free trial.. Passionate fans should be able to devour the series in no time, but if not, they'll pay €12.99 per access each month or €119 per year. It's a good deal, as Prime has an extensive library of movies and TV shows and great perks like overnight delivery.

TIt is also possible to watch the series through PBS online, although you can only access it by buying the Thirteen passport for a minimum donation of €5. This payment will be made every month, unless you tell them you want to cancel.

If you prefer to download Downton Abbey for rewatching, you can purchase the entire series on Amazon, Fandango Now, Vudu, and Apple iTunes. Episodes are €1.99 on Fandango Now, with seasons ranging from €10 to €14. You can pay extra for HDX quality at Vudu, while Abbey fans who want to buy all six seasons can do so via Apple iTunes for a total of €84.99.

How to watch Downton Abbey for free online in the UK

In the UK, the spiritual home of the Downton Abbey estate, the British have several options to broadcast the series. Amazon Prime Video is a great option with its generous 30-day free trial, but after that the monthly cost is €7.99 per month or €79 per year.

Alternatively, BritBox, an ad-free platform dedicated to the best of British TV, offers its own 30-day trial, which comes at a paltry €5.99 monthly fee thereafter.. The new ones now tv subscribers can select the Entertainment Pass and enjoy 7 days of Downton at no cost. However, once the test is over, costs €8.99 per month, but worth it for its selection of TV shows, eg Westworld, Parks and Recreation, Boardwalk Empire, etc.

If you are looking to buy Downton Abbey, all seasons are available on Apple iTunes, from € 7 for season 1 to € 18.99 maximum. At Sky Store, all stations are € 11.99 each, and in delicious HD too.

English (or female) in New York (or elsewhere), keep in mind that if you can't access your streaming service in the UK, a VPN will allow you to watch Downton Abbey online when you're away from home.

How to watch Downton Abbey online in Canada for free

Again, Amazon Prime Video broadcasts the saga of the Crawley family. While most Canadians are entitled to a one-month free trial, Quebecers get two for the price of one: pay the CAN$7.99 monthly fee for two months of access. By extension, French-speaking residents they can also stream Downton Abbey through the iciTouTV service.

¿Do you want to own the show? You can digitally download all 6 seasons from Apple iTunes, with prices ranging from CA$14.99 to CA$19.99.

If you have been out of the country, unlikely at this point but not impossible, remember that ExpressVPN will allow you to watch Downton Abbey from your regular streaming service.

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How to watch Downton Abbey online for free in Australia

Amazon Prime Video is the only company that streams Downton Abbey Down Under. You can watch this British drama as part of its 30-day free trial, after which you'll be charged A$6.99 per month. You can also cancel your subscription at any time.

If you need the show's romances and national rivalries on tap, all 6 seasons are available for purchase: €17.99 to €22.49 via Google Play, €9.99 to €19.99 via Apple iTunes.

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How to Watch Downton Abbey Movie Online From Anywhere

If the series' conclusion left you in mourning, the recent movie will have been a welcome balm. Released in the United States on September 20, 2019, the film reunited us with the Crawley family a few years after the events of season 6. It was in 1927 and King George V and his wife Mary went to Downton Abbey during a tour. by Yorkshire. The family comes together for this crucial event: confronting royal helpers, foiling an assassination attempt, and falling in love.

Read below to see where to watch the Downton Abbey movie online, based on your location:

US – HBO Go with a cable subscription; Video from HBO Now or Amazon Prime

UK - No streaming options, but you can buy the movie from Amazon Video, Chile, or Apple iTunes.

Australia: Foxtel Now or Amazon Prime Video, which offer free trials.

Canada – Envy. Try the Crave with the Movies + HBO add-on for free for 30 days, which will allow you to watch the movie Downton Abbey and more. Thereafter, this subscription costs 19.98 CAN$ per month (plus tax).

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