It has been customary since the XNUMXth century for couples to exchange rings that symbolize their wedding vows on the occasion of their engagement. Sometimes these rings are still worn as wedding rings after the wedding. In this case, traditionally, the rings are moved from the left hand to the right. If the couple decides on wedding bands, engagement rings are often discarded.

The engagement ring and its meaning

Although for many couples today exchanging rings is part of the engagement, not long ago this was not common. Although the custom of exchanging rings in connection with marriage has been around for a long time, engagement rings in their current form have a fairly short history.

The particularities of the different countries of the world mean that throughout history a colorful range of traditions has developed around the engagement rings. Additionally, the customs and practices surrounding engagement and the ring are constantly changing. Gone are the days when bride and groom could only consist of a man and a woman. Society has become more colorful and with it the customs.

Since when has the custom of exchanging engagement rings existed?

The custom of exchanging engagement rings is said to date back to Pope Stephen, also known as Saint Stephen. He was Pope from 254 until he died in 257 AD. He defended the indissolubility of marriage. Engagement rings were meant to symbolize and reinforce the mutual promise of marriage.

The ring is considered a symbol of marriage in the christian faith. The bride and groom put on the rings as an integral part of the church wedding. Already in ancient Greece, it is said that it was customary for the groom to give his beloved a ring as a sign of her affection and affection. Similar customs have been passed down ever since. An iron ring, often decorated with small keys, was to symbolize the union of two people.


Surely you ask yourself questions about engagement rings. If you are the one who is going to give it or the one who receives it, you always want to know about some interesting details about this symbolic jewel. Here we leave some frequently asked questions with their answers, to guide your curiosities.

Is there a lower and upper limit for the price of engagement rings?

The answer is a resounding "no", because the most important thing is that the rings fit your and your partner's desires, preferences and, of course, the financial possibilities of both. The range of matching jewelery is so wide that all couples will find in Jorge Juan Jewelers what they need, because they have more than 40 years of experience dedicated to bridal jewelry.

When should you choose an engagement ring?

When it comes to rings, size is especially important. They have to fit on the ring finger without slipping. For this reason, the engagement ring must be ordered at least three months before the planned date of the engagement. This gives you enough time to make any necessary changes, such as widening.

Who buys the engagement rings?

Today this question can no longer be answered unequivocally. Whereas in the past it was the man who proposed to the woman and gave her an engagement ring, today there are many different constellations of man and woman, man and man, woman and woman. Also It is common for couples to decide to choose and buy the rings together.

What engagement ring suits us?

Choosing the right engagement ring depends on several criteria. The most important thing is undoubtedly the personal taste of the couple. Also, if you prefer white gold or silver, for example, or if you want with precious gems such as those shown in the Jorge Juan Joyeros catalogue. The price also plays a not insignificant role, since if in addition to the engagement rings you are going to buy wedding rings, you also have to take it into account in the budget.

The engagement ring has a long and varied history. Despite all the differences that exist today in different countries regarding the customs and practices around the engagement ring, many common points can be observed.

Perhaps most importantly, the engagement ring is everywhere a symbol of a promise of enduring affection. The way the ring is presented, what exactly an engagement ring looks like, and whether there is an engagement ring for one partner or engagement rings for both is irrelevant.





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