As more businesses continue to return to their offices, Zoom is looking to solidify its position as one of the best business apps out there.

At its recent Work Transformation Summit, the video conferencing giant introduced Zoom IQ for Sales, an AI-powered service for sales reps that can quickly analyze sales meetings and produce insights.

Zoom IQ is a plugin for Zoom Meetings and aims to help organizations be more efficient by highlighting important information that might otherwise be missed. The service is integrated with Zoom (naturally), Salesforce, and other business services.

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"Zoom is always looking for ways to help our customers improve the end-customer experience, and Zoom IQ for Sales is the latest development in that path," Zoom's Josh Dulberger told TechCrunch.

“Zoom IQ for Sales…[can] identify opportunities, assess risks, and ultimately enable and improve sales team performance. It uses natural language processing models to process post-meeting transcripts and process progress data, generating insights for sales reps and managers. »

Zoom IQ for Sales is now available as an add-on for Zoom Meetings customers, with the company adding that Zoom Phone support will also be available soon.

While Zoom was one of the early winners of the pandemic, its fortunes have been mixed ever since. Shares of the company, which soared in 2020, landed hard.

After peaking at €559 in October 2020, Zoom is now trading at €114 – not a disrespectful figure, but a far cry from where it was.

Efforts like IQ for Sales are Zoom's attempt to extend its usefulness to organizations beyond mere video calls, and to compete with Microsoft Teams.

After being a bit slow at first, Microsoft has stepped up a gear to build and market Teams, which has been seamlessly integrated into the broader Microsoft 365 suite.

Microsoft's ploy has worked: Teams now has more than 270 million monthly active users, according to the company, up from 250 million in July 2021.

Whether Zoom can catch up remains to be seen, but tools like IQ for Sales are a great place to start.

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