YouTube Live now supports IFTTT geotagging and more

YouTube (Opens in a new tab) has announced (Opens in a new tab) a number of new features that should help improve live streaming for creators (Opens in a new tab) and viewers. They include the ability for users to play YouTube Live videos and see the live chat as it happened in real time, automatic live captions with videos, and the ability for creators to geotag the videos from which the video is made. recording.

Automatic subtitles are the most impressive of the three in theory, but since they are based on machine learning, it will take some time before they are perfected. Basically, YouTube applied its Live Speed ​​Automatic Recognition (LASR) technology, which is approaching industry standards in error rates and latency.

This makes things more convenient and also allows live streams to reach a larger audience. This will be released in the coming weeks as the technology continues to improve.

Users can also view live chat - opens in a new tab - just like when they rewatched a YouTube live stream - opens in a new tab. This is good news for creators and viewers alike, as the essence of live video is not lost.

Creators will also be able to geotag their live streams and downloads. This feature allows creators to share their favorite places with their viewers, and in turn, viewers can browse other videos tagged with the same location. There will also be a feature that will allow users to filter search results by location to find videos that have been tagged from a particular region.

Last year, YouTube introduced an attribute called "Super Chats," which paid to have your comments appear above all others to make sure you caught the attention of your favorite YouTuber while they were watching a live stream.

Now, this feature has been connected with IFTTT (opens in a new tab) (If This, Then That) technology, while more than 600 smart devices can now also connect to Super Chat. It's available in all levels on PC - opens in a new tab, Android - opens in a new tab, and iOS - opens in a new tab.

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