Do you want a 75-inch TV? Samsung has the best Black Friday TV deals

Do you want a 75-inch TV? Samsung has the best Black Friday TV deals

If you're looking for a 75-inch TV deal for Black Friday, Samsung is offering you a $ 550 discount on a Samsung 4K TV at Amazon.

The 7110-inch Samsung AU75 now costs just € 749 after a massive price drop, putting it squarely within the reach of mid-range budgets. This display features 4K resolution, HDR, HDR10 +, Alexa compatibility, and a 60Hz panel, and there has never been a better time to buy it.

However, it is not the only deal worth getting. As the world's largest television manufacturer, Samsung releases a wide range of televisions each year, catering to a multitude of different budgets and specification needs. And while we take a look at this year's Black Friday TV deals, Samsung is offering big savings on new TVs, even in a whopping 75-inch size. Some even add QLED panels and Mini LED backlights for a truly premium experience.

We have a host of 75-inch Black Friday TV deals listed below at UK retailers, so take a look below to see what's available, or scroll down to see deals in other regions if is based elsewhere.

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