With Xbox Series X already available, is it worth buying an Xbox One X? Well, not really, but that doesn't mean it's a bad console.

Microsoft previously announced that Xbox One X was no longer in production. Instead, the company has focused its production efforts on Xbox Series X, the next-gen successor that's set to launch in November 2020. We haven't seen One X on store shelves in a long time, either. There's really no reason to buy this on Xbox Series S or X right now, so if you're curious, the window has closed on getting a new one.

Por lo tanto, su mejor apuesta para conseguir una oferta de Xbox One X durante el período del Black Friday 2022 es para una consola reacondicionada o usada. Con la producción de la consola de última generación detenida, es poco probable que los nuevos sistemas Xbox One X se encuentren entre las mejores ofertas de Black Friday Xbox en y alrededor 25 of November.

It's still a powerful console, which is worth it because it allows the Xbox One X to play compatible games in native 4K resolution, sometimes at 60 frames per second. The console is capable of HDR playback and also supports Dolby Vision video streaming. For AV fans, you'll find a 4K Blu-ray player built right into the box and support for Dolby Atmos, a more immersive audio format than 7.1 surround sound.

And yet, despite all this, the Xbox One X isn't perfect. The console's hard drive, locked at 1TB, fills up faster now that most games require 4K texture packs. And while Xbox Game Pass is a winning service, Xbox still isn't in the lead when it comes to exclusives.

And best/worst of all, you get many of the same features as the Xbox One S, which you'll find at a much lower price (though again, you're better off looking at the newer machines if you want to buy). the test of time). You can check out our detailed Xbox One X vs Xbox One S comparison for more details on the matter.

To preview what's inside the box, check out our unboxing video below.

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Xbox One X: unboxing video

Still want to buy one of the older Xbox units? Read on for everything you need to know to make your choice.

Xbox One X: Design

If you've seen an Xbox One S at any point, you should be able to imagine the Xbox One X; if it weren't for the color difference, the two consoles would be nearly identical. It's a design style that Microsoft has now left for the more locked-down Xbox Series X and Series S models.

If you've never seen a One S before, the Xbox One X is a rectangular box about the size of a large Blu-ray player covered in a matte space gray color. It's a far cry from the chunky VHS player styles of the original Xbox One, and the design only gets more impressive when you consider what's under the hood.

Notable differences here between Microsoft's latest console and its latest (if you can even tell them) are the color change from the Xbox One S's glow white to the Xbox One X's space gray, and the relocation of the disc tray. from the upper left side of the console face to sit unobtrusively lower in the front.

However, these changes are cosmetic and don't add or remove any functionality from the system... which isn't a bad thing considering how well equipped the Xbox One S is.

Revisión de Xbox One X

A small change in the placement of the drive is the biggest design difference between the X and S.

La bandeja de discos antes mencionada no solo reproduce los mejores juegos de Xbox One, sino también Blu-rays 4K. Esto puede sonar trivial si no está completamente al tanto de lo que son los Blu-rays 4K, pero dado que las consolas 4K de Microsoft eran las únicas en el mercado con esta capacidad hasta el lanzamiento de la PS5 y Xbox Series X, vale la pena señalando.

At the rear, the similarities to the One S continue. From left to right, it has a power jack, an HDMI output, an HDMI input, two USB ports, an IR output, an optical audio port, and an Ethernet port. To no one's surprise, the console doesn't see the return of the original Xbox One Kinect port; If you haven't heard, Kinect (Microsoft's motion-sensing camera) is officially long dead, and Microsoft has even stopped selling the adapters that allowed it to work on modern consoles.

On the controller side, the new machine packs a darker gamepad which, for all intents and purposes, is the exact same mechanic that currently comes with the Xbox One S. Apparently, you can't fix what ain't broken.

If the controllers are too imprecise for your liking, Xbox One X supports keyboard and mouse controls for some games (Gears 5, The Sims 4, and Metro Exodus, for example). It's not the first console to do this (that award goes to the Dreamcast, and even the SNES had its own mouse), but gamers who prefer this more precise and responsive control scheme will appreciate the feature.

Xbox One X: hardware specifications

Restablecimiento de fábrica de Xbox One X

Mechanically, it's the same old ergonomic Xbox One controller: but if it ain't broke, don't fix it. (Image credit: Microsoft)

If you want to see the real differences between Xbox One X and all the other consoles before it, all you have to do is open the lid. However, it goes without saying that it's no longer the console you want if you're looking for a high-end machine in 2020.

The console is equipped with a 2,3 GHz octa-core processor, as well as 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM. It has a GPU clocked at 1172 MHz, which leaves the console with 6 teraflops of graphics computing power. The Xbox One X specs are pretty extensive and helped usher in a new era of 4K HDR gaming in the living room that the Series S and Series X will continue.

Unlike the dedicated VRAM of a video card, the Xbox One X's 12GB of RAM is split between the system and the GPU (meaning you wouldn't be comparing apples to apples). So you can definitely buy a better gaming PC than this, especially in 2020.

On the CPU side, the Xbox One X runs a custom chip with eight 2,3GHz Jaguar processor cores. That's a 76% increase over the processor inside the original Xbox One and Xbox One S, but that probably just puts it in the ballpark of a current-gen Intel Core i3 processor (remember, though, that these numbers don't translate to PCs very well).

Especificaciones de Xbox One X

The rear ports on the Xbox One X are identical to those on the Xbox One S.

The biggest comparison for Xbox One X specs, and the one Microsoft would rather you focus on, is the PS4 Pro. Both came out halfway through the last generation and each targets 4K gaming, so they're directly comparable. .

El sistema de Sony es un competidor bastante capaz: su GPU tiene 36 unidades de cómputo de 911 MHz que funcionan en conjunto con un procesador de 2,1 GHz y 8 GB de memoria GDDR5. Esta memoria encuentra un ligero cuello de botella a nivel de búfer, que está limitado a 218 GB/s, pero aún produce alrededor de 4 Tflops de rendimiento. Sugerencia, Microsoft.

Where the Xbox One X specs falter is with the hard drive, a small 1TB drive that comes standard on all systems. That's not negotiable either, as the Xbox One is being phased out and no 2TB model has emerged.

It wouldn't be as much of a sticking point if we knew that Microsoft isn't capable of installing larger hard drives in its systems, but the existence of the 2TB Xbox One S shows that it's actually possible and Microsoft deliberately chose not to include them. a. here.

Xbox One X: Game Library and Performance

mejores juegos cruzados: Master Chief con armadura mirando un pequeño holograma de Cortana

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Por supuesto, ¿cuál es el objetivo final de toda esa potencia adicional si no es una mejor experiencia de juego? Afortunadamente, nos complace informar que Xbox One X funciona exactamente como se anuncia: los juegos se ven geniales en todos los sentidos. Ya sea que esté usando un televisor de 1080p con Xbox One X o jugando en 4K HDR, los juegos se ven fantásticos en la consola más poderosa de la última generación.

But let's look at each use case individually.

If you have a 1080p TV, the Xbox One X will do something called upsampling to create better looking images. Oversampling is a complex term, but the basic idea is that the game renders in 4K thinking it's connected to a 4K display, which means objects are rendered with four times more detail.

Not all of this data can be displayed, as it is still displayed on a 1080p TV with a set number of pixels on its screen, but the resulting image is richer in detail. In practice, this means that the images will be slightly sharper. Trees, branches, and foliage in general won't look as jagged, for example, and the basic fog on an Xbox One can become more realistic when using an Xbox One X.

Once you see a game running at 1080p with upsampling, it's very obvious that it's better than a game running at standard 1080p. But if you're not the kind of person who takes a minute to smell the roses in games, the kind who can appreciate the thin edges of a bush or a rich, dense mist in the morning, then the Xbox One X doesn't do it. . you won't be impressed. That is, unless you upgrade to a 4K HDR TV.

Revisión de Xbox One X

Is the Xbox One X for your TV stand?

On a 4K HDR TV, Xbox One X unleashes its full power. Games are rendered in up to native 4K, offering four times the detail of normal 1080p. Even better, some games offer a wider range of color options, thanks to a technology called high dynamic range (HDR). The sky looks bluer, the grass greener, and colors flow from each scene. The results speak for themselves.

But visual updates aren't the only type of updates that Xbox One X offers. The other is performance, meaning the frames per second at which a game runs.

Te ahorraremos otra larga explicación, pero básicamente cuando las escenas se vuelven realmente ricas en detalles y se llenan de muchos objetos, la consola se abruma. En lugar de poder producir, digamos, 60 fotogramas por segundo, se reduce a 55 o incluso menos. Era un gran problema en la Xbox One original, pero la Xbox One S pareció eliminarlo en todos menos en la mayoría…

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