Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X: Is it worth upgrading?

Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X: Is it worth upgrading? Xbox One X vs Xbox Series X: It's not an easy decision. Not just because the names are somewhat similar, but when it comes to choosing between Microsoft's current-gen high-end console and its ultra-powerful next-gen successor, it might not be immediately correct. obvious which one is best for you. The Xbox One X, the mid-gen upgrade to the Xbox One and Microsoft's answer to Sony's PS4 Pro is the best gaming console available today when it comes to computing skills. It's for console gamers who want the best of the best in terms of specs with native 4K and HDR support. But when the Xbox Series X launches on November 10, 2020, all that will change, especially as the Xbox One X (and its cheaper Xbox One S All Digital Edition sibling) will be phased out to make way for its next-gen successor. While Xbox One X consoles are still available for purchase you may be wondering if now is the time to buy one, while those of you who currently have an Xbox One X at home may be wondering if you really are. You need to update when the time comes. Fortunately for Xbox One X, power isn't everything. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to consoles and before deciding between Xbox One X and Xbox Series X or deciding whether or not to upgrade, it pays to shop around and compare consoles. to determine where your money will be best spent. To help with your decision making, here's a look at everything we know about both consoles so far, including price, specs, and existing or expected games. If you're more interested in the significantly cheaper, discless alternative to the Series X, you can also check out our Xbox Series S guide.

Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X prices

(Image credit: Microsoft) Xbox Series X price and PS5 price stood out in a Twitter poll on the most important factors for those looking to buy a next-gen console. Neither company intends to repeat the mistakes of the overpriced 3 PS2006 (€599!), but Microsoft has finally revealed that its flagship console will actually cost €499 / €449 / €749AU. Phil Spencer had pointed out that Microsoft would not make the same mistake that hindered its start on the current generation of consoles. Speaking to The Verge, Spencer said: "We won't be out of place in terms of power or price." Despite an extended game of chicken in terms of price, Microsoft has taken the first step and set the tone for the new generation of consoles. As for the Xbox One X launching MSRP of $499/$449/AU$749, you can do a lot better than that these days. At press time, some of the best Xbox One X deals let you buy the console for under $300 with a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the US, or the console and each numbered Gears game for €299 in the UK. United. However, expect the Xbox One X to be even smaller now that pre-orders for the Xbox Series X have gone live on September 22, 2020. Overall, it seems safe to assume that the Xbox One X will be the more affordable option, though the Xbox Series S promises to replace it as a great value option for just €299/€249/499. AU€.

Xbox One X vs Xbox Series X specifications

(Image credit: Microsoft) The Xbox Series X has some seriously impressive specs, and they paint an exciting picture for next-gen gaming. This is what we know: With a 12 teraflop GPU capable of up to 120 fps, the Series X is twice as powerful as the One X. It also has the computing power to support ray tracing, the most demanding lighting technology available. now only on advanced Nvidia RTX graphics cards. The Xbox Series X will include a blazing-fast NVMe SSD, which opens up all sorts of possibilities: part of its storage system can be used to increase load times by up to 40 times, and Quick Resume allows users to skip from game to game at the same time. time without closing each game. The NVMe SSD is just one part of the console's speed architecture that Microsoft says could reduce load times and game file sizes, while boosting the console's power beyond its raw specs. . Along with the SSD, the console uses an industry-standard LZ decompressor, as well as a new proprietary algorithm that specifically compresses game texture data (a full part of overall game data), which should translate into faster inactivity. smaller download times and game files. there is also the new DirectStorage API that gives developers more control over their I/O operations, allowing them to take full advantage of raw I/O performance and resulting in the virtual elimination of load times. Finally, there's Sampler Feedback Streaming (SFS) that intelligently loads textures when they're needed instead of keeping them loaded in the background, taking up memory. This means that the Xbox Series X should have more free memory allowing for more efficient I/O performance, resulting in richer and more immersive games. In the meantime, here are the Xbox One X specs: The guts of the premium Xbox make it the most powerful console available today and the best way to play with native 4K and HDR. That said, its 1TB mechanical hard drive slows it down - it's slow and disappointingly can hold some triple-A titles. For a console aimed at those who embrace nothing less than the best of the best, there can only be one winner in this category.

Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X games

(Image credit: 343 Industries) As the Xbox Series X release date of November 10 approaches, we see some exciting titles announced for the console. Between proprietary titles like Halo Infinite, Hellblade 2, and third-party blockbusters like Cyberpunk 2077, there are a growing number of Xbox Series X games to look forward to. Some of the games that have been confirmed to be compatible with Xbox Series X include: The impressive Series X specs coupled with the excellent value of Xbox Game Pass give first-time users a ready-to-play library that boasts faster load times. faster, better graphics and higher resolution. Backward compatibility is confirmed for the Series X, allowing you to play older-generation games on your new system, but Microsoft has gone further with Smart Delivery. Think of this "backwards compatibility" in the sense that when you buy a supported game, it's unlocked on all supported hardware. For example, Cyberpunk 2077 supports Smart Delivery, so owners of the game on Xbox One X will get a free upgrade to Series X. Microsoft recently encouraged developers to do these free upgrades through Smart Delivery, as some publishers have chosen to charge more for intergenerational packages. Smart Delivery also means that if buying a One X has cleaned you up, you can buy products like Halo Infinite, which is set to launch on Game Pass day 1, and play it on your current-gen console, knowing you won't have to. you have to buy it again for series X when you collect the money for an upgrade. Your backup data will even be transferred back and forth. This, of course, means that Xbox Series X doesn't really dangle any exclusives in front of you to force you to upgrade, which is an accessible but perhaps frustrating approach for those who like to feel like they really get it. this new next generation experience. While the X series will offer the best version of a game, the One X will still be able to play that game at very high quality. Xbox is very stubborn with its inclusive approach to the next generation, promising that it will not have Xbox Series X exclusives for the first few years, and that Xbox One players will not be left behind in the jump to the next generation. . With all of that in mind, there's really no exclusive gaming incentive for you to upgrade to the Xbox Series X. There's going to be more to making the jump than just wanting to see these games at their best. on a faster console.

Xbox One X Verdict vs. Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X is an increasingly attractive prospect. Its roaring graphics combined with the excellent Xbox Game Pass subscription service means that Xbox fans should be really excited. For early adopters, the lack of Series X-exclusive games is at least improved by an instant collection of great games thanks to Game Pass and backwards compatibility. And with Smart Delivery, those looking to upgrade their One X can purchase compatible games now and upgrade to the Series X version for free once they can afford the new unit. Since the cost of the One X will drop once the Series X launches on November 10, 2020, there's little reason to buy a new version now. Even then, the best value prospect is the cheaper, but less powerful Xbox Series S. This isn't really a battle between Xbox One X and Xbox Series X, after all: instead, Microsoft seems to be ensuring a smooth and flexible transition between consoles for those who want the best of the best in gaming. Xbox.