La Xbox One S All-Digital fue la primera consola sin disco de Microsoft y una señal de lo que vendrá. Fue un gran experimento sobre el futuro de cómo consumimos películas, televisión, entretenimiento y juegos.

We use the past tense because Microsoft no longer produces new Xbox One S All-Digital or Xbox One X consoles. In fact, the entire Xbox One family has been discontinued, with Microsoft focusing on producing Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Although not in production, we've left our review in place to help anyone still looking to buy Microsoft's ultra-cheap. discless console

Dicho esto, su mejor apuesta para encontrar una Xbox One S barata es durante el período de venta del Black Friday 2022. Sin embargo, no espere que se descuenten las nuevas consolas, ya que la gran mayoría probablemente será renovada. Pourtant, il y a toujours une chance que de superbes offres Xbox One S se glissent dans notre meilleur hub d’offres Black Friday Xbox, donc cela vaut la peine d’y jeter un coup d’œil une fois que l’événement de vente tendrá lugar 25 of November.

It's a lot cheaper because instead of trying to compete with Microsoft's more powerful Xbox One X, the Xbox One S All-Digital is essentially a stripped-down alternative to the Xbox One S. When it comes to its design, its performance, and its game libraries. , the One S and the All-Digital are pretty much the same consoles. The main difference between them is that the All-Digital model does not have a disc drive and therefore cannot play games or movies from physical discs.

If you're the kind of person who likes to browse through your collection of physical games to choose your next adventure or just reminisce, then All-Digital's minimalist approach probably isn't for you. However, if you're looking to ditch the physical media of your life and take a simpler and potentially more convenient path, this might be worth it.

Before you make your final decision, let our review walk you through the pros and cons to consider before investing in Microsoft's all-digital offering. Do you want to know if you should buy an Xbox Series S instead? Check out our Xbox One S vs Xbox Series S guide.

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Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: Get straight to the point

  • What is it? Microsoft's discless version of the Xbox One S
  • When did it come out? May 7th 2019
  • What are the prices for the premium plan? $249 / £199 / A$349

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: price and release date

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition launched on May 7, 2019. Launching with an RRP of $249 / £199 / AU$349, you can probably find that much cheaper these days. In fact, like the rest of the Xbox One family, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition has been discontinued since 2020.

Como resultado, las posibilidades de encontrar uno nuevo son escasas, será necesario confiar en los distribuidores usados. Dicho esto, también es algo redundante en este punto. Por no mucho más que el PVP original de All-Digital Edition, puede encontrar una Xbox Series S por € 299.99 / € 249.99 / AU € 499. Teniendo en cuenta que tiene compatibilidad total con versiones anteriores de Xbox One y también es solo digital, es difícil argumentar en contra.

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: Diseño

Revisión de la edición totalmente digital de Xbox One S

(Image credit: LaComparacion)

  • No disk drive
  • Same visual design as Xbox One S
  • Only available in white

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition's layout is exactly the same as the Xbox One S, except it doesn't have a disc drive. The stylish console is compact, measuring just 11,6 x 8,9 x 2,5 inches (LxWxD) despite its 1TB hard drive and no power supply. This makes it just a few inches smaller than the Xbox One S.

There's a physical power button on the front of the console, as well as USB 3.0. On the back, you'll find an HDMI input port that lets you pass through a cable box, an HDMI output, two USB 3.0 ports, and S/PDIF and Ethernet ports. There is an IR emitter on the front of the console that allows you to turn on other devices, such as your TV, A/V receiver, and cable/satellite box.

However, if you like your consoles in bright color combinations, or anything other than white, you're out of luck. Like the Xbox One S, Microsoft's Xbox Design Lab program only lets you customize the color of your controllers, so when it comes to the console itself, you're limited to white.

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: Performance

Revisión de la edición totalmente digital de Xbox One S

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  • 1TB hard drive
  • 4K and HDR streaming
  • Online storage
  • spatial audio

Una vez más, al igual que la Xbox One S, All-Digital ofrece resolución 4K, pero es 4K mejorado, no 4K nativo como la Xbox One X. Notarás algunos detalles adicionales con la última, pero la primera siempre demuestra ser capaz. Por ejemplo, mientras jugábamos a Forza Horizon 3, no tuvimos problemas con los cuadros caídos que interrumpían nuestra experiencia. Sin embargo, no hay duda de que el juego se ve mejor y funciona mejor en X.

So far, Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, and US exclusives Vudu and Hulu all have 4K versions of their apps available on the Xbox One Store, which should cover most of your streaming needs - and you'll need them without the streaming player. Blu-ray.

We had no issues with the all-digital version when it came to streaming shows, downloading games/apps, or general functionality. The console doesn't take up much space and doesn't look like a plane taking off when it's running, while the 1TB hard drive lets you download plenty of games (but more on that a bit later).

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: Game Library

Revisión de la edición totalmente digital de Xbox One S

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  • digital game library
  • You can play the same titles as Xbox One S
  • It comes with three digital game codes.

This is where the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will divide gamers. Since the console doesn't have a disc drive, you can't play physical games with it at all.

entonces cuales son tus opciones? Para empezar, la consola venía con tres códigos digitales: Forza Horizon 3, Sea of ​​Thieves y Minecraft. Si bien es genial tener tres juegos por adelantado, Microsoft sin duda podría haber incluido títulos más nuevos, tal vez Forza Horizon 4 en lugar de 3, por ejemplo. No obstante, Minecraft y Sea of ​​​​Thieves siguen siendo muy populares y todos los juegos son aptos para familias.

In addition to these three games, you can buy digital versions of the best Xbox One games in the Microsoft Store or take advantage of Xbox Game Pass. We found the Xbox One S All-Digital to be a great companion to Game Pass, with plenty of room to download titles from the service's library of over 400 games, old and new.

Aún mejor, Microsoft a menudo ofrece una oferta que otorga a los nuevos suscriptores un mes de Xbox Game Pass Ultimate por €1/€1 en lugar de los €14,99/€10,99 estándar.

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: veredicto final

Revisión de la edición totalmente digital de Xbox One S

(Image credit: LaComparacion)

When the Xbox One S arrived three years after the original Xbox One, it offered a smaller, quieter, higher-quality gaming machine. It quickly became the de facto Xbox system. But since then we've seen the release of the powerful Xbox One X console, offering 4K HDR gaming and the most premium gaming experience on a console. This has also been superseded by Xbox Series X.

The release of the Xbox One X raised the bar for gaming consoles, and while it didn't necessarily make the Xbox One S redundant, it certainly highlighted the aging of the Xbox One S system. So it's surprising that Microsoft decided to release a version no disk. from the S, which is essentially the same console but without the disc drive.

The looks are the same, the performance is the same, and nothing in particular sets it apart from the rest. The appeal of the original S is that it offers a cheaper Xbox alternative to the X and works for those who don't necessarily have a 4K-capable display. However, All-Digital takes the same console and makes it a bit simpler.

The problem we had was with the price. While Microsoft claims that the all-digital version ($249 / €199) is cheaper than the Xbox One S ($299 MSRP / €249 RRP), in reality, you can get an Xbox One S bundle for around the same price. at some retailers. Still, for those who like the idea of ​​discless gaming, all things digital can appeal.

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: Price Comparison

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