When it comes to digital creativity, having the right tools is crucial. Wondershare, an internationally renowned software developer and winner of the Future Tech Awards 'Best Creative Software Suite', offers low-level creative solutions that give you more time to do what you love most – create.

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Wondershare: for creatives by creatives

Having been in the field of software development for almost two decades, Wondershare is a pioneer in the field of digital creativity. Wondershare offers a multitude of solutions to its customers' problems, from video editing, diagramming, photo editing, prototyping and more. Wondershare's Digital Creativity Suite has the solution for you.

Making video creation fun and easy (freeing up your time to make even more videos), Wondershare video editing software includes:

  • Filmora X – For beginners and users who want the easiest video editing experience
  • FilmoraPro – For editors looking for an easy way to create video projects with more advanced features
  • Filmii – Lets you style your videos instantly, access smart templates that add effects, steady images, sharpen blurry images, and cut music beats, and
  • FilmoraGo - A mobile video editor with easy-to-use editing features that gives you all the essential tools you need to create amazing videos on your smartphone.

Some of the other creative software solutions Wondershare offers include:

  • VidAir - Wondershare Video Maker allows users to quickly and easily create video templates and enjoy intuitive video editing features including text effects, images, video clips, and background music.
  • Fotophire - Wondershare photo editing software has all the tools you need to get the most out of your photos.
  • Filmstock: Wondershare's huge library of photos, clips, animations, music and sound makes your videos stand out.
  • DemoCreator - Wondershare Screen Recording Software is an intuitive tool for capturing footage for your next video.
  • UniConverter - Wondershare video conversion software makes the tedious process of file conversion quick and easy.
  • EdrawMax – Wondershare's powerful all-in-one diagram creation software makes creating any type of diagram, from flowcharts to layouts, easy and fun.
  • MindMaster – Wondershare's versatile mind mapping software helps you organize your thoughts to plan your next creative project.
  • EdrawProj – Plan, manage and track your projects with an intuitive Gantt chart tool.
  • EdrawInfo – A beginner-friendly tool that helps you create infographics from scratch.
  • Mockitt – Wondershare's collaborative prototyping software lets your entire team work on the same project to design interactive and animated prototypes.

These are just some of the creative solutions Wondershare has to offer and what landed the company in the spotlight at the Future Tech Awards. To help celebrate this award, you can win an annual subscription to Wondershare Filmora X, the latest update to Wondershare's video editing software.

Filmora X: take your videos to the next level

Whether you're planning to make your first video or your hundredth, all creators know how important it is to have the right tools. The creative team behind Wondershare knows this from personal experience and it is this personal experience that drives every feature of Wondershare Filmora video editing software.

Wondershare developed Filmora to make the video editing process quick and easy, freeing up more time for you to create. Last year, Wondershare Filmora9 wowed creators with its simple and easy-to-use video editing tools. Filmora9 even won Videomaker's Best Enthusiast Editing Software of 2019. In his review of Wondershare Filmora9, TechRadar's Mark Wycislik-Wilson said it delivered "amazing results at a truly amazing price." And with this latest update, Wondershare has added even more tools, effects, features, and more to give your videos a professional feel.

Released in October 2020, Wondershare Filmora X builds on the foundation of Filmora9 and adds amazing updates that make video editing even easier and more fun. Some of the new features of Filmora X include:

  • Motion Tracking – Intuitive tracking allows you to set the text to follow any subject in your video.
  • Keyframes - Easily apply one-click presets or animate freely to create more dynamic videos and animations.
  • Color Matching – Adjust color differences across multiple clips to give the entire video a consistent color palette.
  • Audio Ducking – With a single click, one audio clip can skip to the next, allowing dialogue to stand out from the background music.
  • Hotkey Editor – New hotkey commands speed up the editing process.
  • New user interface with a dark/light mode switch – switch between dark and light modes and save your eyes.
  • Touch Bar support (Mac): With the Touch Bar, Mac users can preview their timeline.

FTA Filmora X Celebration Contest

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