Top Website Builder Wix has launched a 24/7 helpline tool to help businesses manage call volumes and improve customer service.

Available on the Wix App Market, the cloud-based conversational AI platform called Goodcall helps with call recording, spam blocking, and analytics.

Small businesses receiving less than 60 calls per month will have free access to the phone support tool, while businesses receiving up to 600 calls per month will pay €19/month or be able to manage unlimited calls for €49/month.

Telephone support for business websites

Available to US customers after a beta testing period, Goodcall's call management software is designed to capture lost revenue opportunities caused by missed customer calls.

"Partnering with Goodcall gives business owners a unique tool that strengthens customer relationships and maximizes productivity, which can ultimately increase revenue," said Ronny Elkayam, senior vice president of mobile products, app market and Wix Strategic Products.

“Siempre estamos buscando socios que compartan una visión para equipar a las pequeñas empresas con las herramientas que necesitan para tener éxito. La última oferta es un cambio de juego para las empresas que luchan con un alto volumen de llamadas y complementa nuestra plataforma, donde pueden administrar su negocio desde una ubicación central en línea.

In addition to call management, the Goodcall integration offers recording and playback, spam blockers, and the ability to add specific call requests and update store hours on business listings like Yelp, Facebook, Wix, or Google.

The tool can be accessed in the Wix dashboard by clicking on the Goodcall logo, where users also have the option to teach the phone assistant tool something new, as well as access their call list data. .

The history of the conversational AI tool

In an exclusive interview with TechRadar Pro, Bob Summers, CEO and founder of Goodcall, explained that the company's journey began more than five years ago when he worked at Google in advertising for small businesses, helping local plumbers and restaurants grow. on the platform.

The Goodcall tool was born out of Google and originally launched with online reputation management service Yelp before its re-launch with Wix.

"Most small businesses in the past weren't digital natives, most didn't have websites, so most got their business from phone calls," Summers said, delving into the logic behind the tool.

“Google created a phone-based advertising system where if you signed in for a specific service, like a plumber near me, you would get an ad that said Call me to fix your sink. It was a product I was developing for Google. ”

Along the way, Summers noticed a trend with small online businesses and found that if a business had fewer than ten people, they would lose more than 60% of their calls. Google would send new customers, but there would be no shortage of opportunities.

“That's the problem Goodcall set out to solve by bringing conversational AI to these phone calls. Tools like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, but for a small business,” he added.

“Our partnership with Wix brings a new layer of sophistication to small businesses and local merchants who are still struggling with dropped calls and looking to build back better after the pandemic. We're giving small-staffed businesses a way to take advantage of all incoming opportunities—whether it's for a large order or just to fulfill a customer request.

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