Wix (opens in a new tab) is a giant in the website building industry (opens in a new tab). Just a few days ago, its share price rose 20% after announcing it was on track to generate €500 million in free cash flow and had added 4,7 million new subscribers in the last quarter. Marketing campaigns for him across all major media outlets have made him a household name, rivaling Godaddy.

Scroll through their website and the clues to this success will appear immediately. The service is not only packed with attractive features, but the company tries its best to outperform everyone, and there is plenty to please everyone from the design novice to large corporations to seasoned web developers.

While some services only give you a few templates, Wix offers more than 500. Its built-in image editor has 40 Instagram-style filters. The blog supports 26 languages. App Market offers more than 200 widgets to enrich your site and integrate third-party sites and services.

    Wix Subscription Options:

  • 12-month plan: €23 per month (total cost €276) (Opens in a new tab)

Are you looking to create an online store? Wix also offers many eCommerce templates. And the company has no transaction fees on its sales (whereas Weebly, for example, charges 3% on some accounts).

Los nascent pueden probar mucho de forma gratuita. But experts can go much further, with features like Wix Code, allowing them to manage database collections, generate dynamic pages and custom forms, use their own JavaScript, access APIs and more aun.

However, not everything is perfect. The templates are not responsive in the usual sense, although the effect is very similar (Wix can generate a separate mobile version of the site and use it if necessary). Some features, such as form creation, come in the form of apps that require additional payments to get their full functionality. Nonetheless, it is a powerful and complete service that has a lot to offer to all categories of users.

The building process starts with a few simple questions (Image credit: Wix)

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Wix does its best to get you up to speed quickly. Creating an account is as simple as entering your email address and a password. You'll be asked to choose the type of site you'd like to build (business, photography, music, blog, etc.), then whether you'd like Wix to build the site for you, or if you'd rather do it all yourself from scratch.

If your needs are simple, you've never used a website builder before, or you're just in a hurry, having Wix automate the process could save you some time.

Basic editor

Using the basic auto editor leads to a limited range of editing tools (Image credit: Wix)


You can modify your site in several ways. Hovering over a section displays buttons to edit it or edit layouts. Or you can click on something to view and edit its properties in a sidebar. But the automatic editor does not allow you to drag and drop objects on the page or to change their size. However, since most of the design is done for you, you can set up the site, populate your online store, write blog posts, preview and test your pages, and have them live in no time.

It's possible to switch to the full Wix editor at any time (which is also what you get if you don't choose the automatic process initially), but the problem is that you can't go back and keep your changes. It's a simple or complete Wix decision: unfortunately, there is no way to combine the two.

advanced editor

You can switch to the standard editor, but you can't go back if you change your mind (Image credit: Wix)

Opting for the standard editor gives you complete control over the layout. Objects can be placed with pixel-level placement, instead of automatically aligning in blocks or columns. You can drag and drop complex blocks (contact forms with headers, buttons, text) as a whole, change alignments, and even ungroup elements within a block to rearrange them however you like.

Visual settings include neat animations and color filters for images, and you can assign a variety of actions to most objects. You can add all the usual elements to your page with just a few clicks. There is much to explore.

One of the strengths of the editor is its visual previews, which allow you to see any component before adding it. Choose Gallery, for example, and you won't just get text elements like Collage or Grid. Instead, the editor shows thumbnail previews of what each option will look like, helping you choose the right component right away. It's a similar story when you navigate through buttons, menu styles, or audio and video players: Wix always clearly shows you what you're going to get.

The basic editing features are also well designed and feel more like a native app than your average website builder. Context menus show you the appropriate commands for different controls, e.g. Alignment guides and on-screen displays of control heights and widths help you precisely position and size items, and floating toolbars offer quick access to key options and features.

The editor supports a large number of keyboard shortcuts, a huge advantage if you use them regularly in other applications. You can Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click to select multiple items, then use the standard keys to delete, copy and paste, send to top or bottom of page, save project, preview, undo actions if you made a mistake, or redo it if you changed your mind.

Put it all together and the Wix editor feels polished and professional, with the visual cues beginners need and the shortcuts and workflow power users expect.

Import images

You can download images from a wide variety of sites or use footage directly from the Wix interface (Image credit: Wix)

Wix offers extensive multimedia support, with native components for displaying individual images, slideshows, image galleries, music and video files in all major formats.

There's support for importing or playing media directly from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, Flickr, Google Photos, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Spotify, and more.

A "My Downloads" area allows you to create your own cloud-based media storage container. If you have 10 images that you will use on multiple pages or sites, for example, you can upload them all to Wix. You can then access them directly from the Add Images dialog without having to download the files each time you need them. You also have access to the Wix media library and those of Unsplash and Shutterstock (the latter are not free).

Wix App Market offers other plugins to give you more reading features, increased bandwidth, user statistics, document viewers (PDF, Google Docs, Sheets, Drawings and Slides) and more. . They're welcome, but keep in mind that while most are free in one way or another, they often require additional payments to remove the branding or get their best features.


Blogs are clean, simple, and to the point (Image credit: Wix)


The Wix blogging platform is easily accessible from a standard button on your left toolbar. With a click or two, you can add a new blog post, customize its layout, or change the way you want your blog to work.

Blog posts are created with a simplified editor, but it still has a decent set of features, including options to add images, galleries, videos, music, GIFs, and custom HTML code.

There are many ways to customize a post. You can add tags and categories, set related posts, and set meta titles, meta descriptions, or separate titles for mobile. And once you're done, posts can be published immediately or scheduled for a later date.


The online store is ready to be customized to your needs (Image credit: Wix)


Creating an online store with Wix seems very simple. Browse a variety of templates, add the additional components you need, and visual previews and sample images make it easy to define the look of your store. But make no mistake: there's plenty of power under the hood.

Wix supports digital and physical products, for example, and also includes services.

Products can be illustrated with videos as well as images. You can give them custom options (size, color), weight, or SKU (a product code to allow automatic management of your inventory). You can promote them with coupons, organize them into collections, or set your own shopping rules. tax. Wix supports many payment providers and only shows you those that are available in your region, including its own payment system.

Wix Stores can't match specialized eCommerce solutions (or the best web hosting providers), but that's not a huge surprise. The service makes it easy for personal users and small businesses to start selling online, and considering the low price you pay, that's a pretty good incentive.


Wix has a lot of built-in support. Left-clicking on any object in the editor displays a toolbar with a help icon, and a help menu is permanently visible on the editor toolbar itself. Separate screens like the blog manager always have their own help icon in the top right corner.

packages and prices

Wix's free plan includes Wix branding, gives you access to the drag-and-drop editor, and theoretically supports unlimited pages. However, in practice, a storage limit of 500MB and a maximum data transfer of 500MB per month means it's only suitable for very small sites.

The Connect Domain plan increases your bandwidth limit to 1 GB and allows you to use your own domain, but still includes Wix branding. It is priced at €4.25 (€3) per month for the one-year plan. Please note that this plan is not available in the US or elsewhere.

The Combo plan (opens in a new tab) offers 2 GB of bandwidth and 3 GB of storage, and finally drops the mark. There's a free domain, you can use a custom favicon, and you get €75 ad coupons. It's yours for €14 (€6) a month.

The unlimited plan at €18 (€8.50) per month (opens in a new tab) gives you unlimited bandwidth, 10 GB storage,…

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