Windows 11 users who have encountered an issue where they find large files copying very slowly will be happy to know that Microsoft has now fixed the issue.

This issue affects Windows 11 22H2 and please note that the fix is ​​in Preview 25252 just released. In other words, those testing the OS now have access to the patch, to run it at their own pace and make sure everything works. properly.

Naturally, this will eventually make its way to the final version of Windows 11. As reported by Bleeping Computer (opens in a new tab), Ned Pyle, who is Microsoft's senior program manager in the Windows Server engineering group, told us : “The final patch for production computer Windows 11 22H2 will come in a normal monthly cumulative update through Windows. Update once validated on Insider builds.

Performance drops drastically when copying larger files, which just means it will take much longer to copy than it should, and according to some reports it can actually take twice as long, it kicks in "when copying larger files from a computer remotely to a Windows 11 computer or by copying files to a local drive," Pyle explained.

Pyle added that PCs on home networks or small offices are less likely to experience this error, but it is still possible, noting that "You are more likely to experience this issue when copying files to Windows 11, version 22H2 from a network share." via Server Message Block (SMB), but local file copying may also be affected. »

Analysis: Shortly before the full release of the patch, we expect

This resolution will obviously be more than welcome, as copying large files can be quite a painful waste of time, without having to tap your finger on your desktop for up to twice as long as usual.

That said, it's still in testing right now, so it won't help those running the final version of Windows 11. When will the fix come to real-world PCs? It's complicated, because it depends on how the tests go, naturally.

What we do know, however, is that it won't be here this month, as the December cumulative update has already been delayed (preview) and is therefore too close on the horizon (it will be released in less than two weeks). . ). What we can expect is a smooth road with testing, which means we'll see this fix bundled with the Windows 11 January Update, which launches on January 10, which isn't too far away yet.

We could still expect more if testers find a problem with the fix, of course, or other unforeseen issues introduced elsewhere (this wouldn't be the first time a fix for a problem causes another to fail, as we've all seen in the past when Microsoft was playing bug whack-a-mole).

Microsoft has been busy fixing a bunch of frustrating issues that have plagued parts of the Windows 11 user base of late. This includes a nasty bug that caused stuttering during gameplay and a very spiny gremlin that broke some printers in half, however. mention a bug that slowed down the CPU.

Windows 11 is slowly but surely becoming a smoother experience in this regard, although in an ideal world we wouldn't see so many major bugs appear in the first place.

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