Windows 11 has been plagued with a bug in its 22H2 update that affects some users, causing game stutters and prompting Microsoft to block the update for those people, but the good news is that the software giant has rolled out a fix.

The fix for this annoying issue is contained in the patch code KB5020044 (opens in a new tab), a recently deployed cumulative update, but keep in mind that it is still a preliminary update. In other words, the fix is ​​still being tested, but you can get it normally by checking Windows Update.

You may recall that Microsoft took action on this bug recently, when the software giant identified which games and apps were causing issues and stuttering and therefore lifted the block on the 22H2 update for many people, leaving only those who have a issue. . the game(s) cannot be updated.

With this complete solution, once applied, anyone can update any game that is installed on their Windows 11 PC. The slowdown, which was related to the wrong activation of GPU debugging features, this debugging job was consuming resources).

Analysis: Take it now, or maybe wait a little longer?

It's good to see a fix for this bug appear fairly soon, as it was understandably frustrating for those who were unable to upgrade to 22H2 due to the glitch.

With that said, keep in mind that KB5020044 is a preliminary update, so installing it could have unintended consequences as it is still in the testing phase. But with that said, if you finally want to jump into 22H2 after you've been stuck with a save for a while, you'll probably want to give it a try.

However, the more cautious types should wait until this update is fully released. The final version of this patch will be released in mid-December, a few weeks from now, and if there are any blemishes in the preview update, all the wrinkles should be ironed out by then. (Or so we hope, though based on previous experience, we can't take anything for granted when it comes to Windows patches.)

So the choice is yours, but even if you don't feel like changing the solution just yet, you can wait a little longer knowing that the full version of the solution is literally upon us.

This cumulative update is actually quite sizable, it comes with other important bug fixes in addition to fixing those gaming issues. This includes several important fixes for issues related to File Explorer - the beating heart of the Windows interface, allowing you to explore folders and files. within them, including a problem that caused File Explorer to crash completely (a rather disastrous situation, marking the beginning of a hard reset).

If you need help fixing a problem, check out our complete guide to fixing common problems with Windows 11.

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