Activision has confirmed that Warzone, the Call of Duty battle royale spinoff, will not be pulled when its sequel launches, as the two multiplayer shooters will exist side by side.

Warzone 2 is billed as a standalone release rather than a continuation or replacement of Activision's current free-to-play shooter. According to an official blog post (opens in a new tab), it will feature a completely new progression system that will not retain or alter any content from the original Warzone.

"Today's Warzone will continue as a separate experience that will include continuous player and inventory progression within this Warzone experience," Activision said. "We look forward to sharing more details soon."

Current Warzone players will still be able to play the game as it currently stands and won't be forced to jump into the sequel. However, no player-earned content will carry over to Warzone 2, giving you a fresh start in the next battle royale.

In the same blog post, Activision said that the progress reset was necessary to provide a "peak experience." He also touted Warzone 2 as an "extension of the Modern Warfare 2 universe" that will come with "new technologies, new features, and new gameplay that works seamlessly."

In a final trailer, he said that we can expect to hear more about Warzone 2's new sandbox mode and "entirely new playspace" closer to launch.


(Image credit: Activision)

decisions that divide

This approach to Warzone will be cause for celebration for some players and disappointment for others. Current players will be disappointed that their progress was nothing when Warzone 2 launched, and irritated that their content was unlocked and stats weren't kept.

However, the time and money you have spent on the game will not be completely wasted. As Activision continues to keep the battle royale alive, dedicated gamers who aren't ready to move on can continue to fight in Caldera.

Seems like a good middle ground. Activision has found a way to relaunch Warzone from scratch while catering to players who don't want a fresh start. You're likely hoping this two-pronged approach will give fans something new and ease the concerns of Warzone heavyweights who don't want a change of scenery.

This is a radically different approach than Activision Blizzard is taking for Overwatch 2. All PvP updates made in this sequel will be implemented in Overwatch 1, with only PvE story content locked behind Overwatch walls. be able to jump into Overwatch 2 without sacrificing your progress from the first game. Time will tell which publishing system turns out to be the most popular.

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