"Smart glasses" are always a rare thing to buy, I know. But Razer's Anzu specs are perhaps the best I've seen, and I've been using my pair for over a year now. Don't laugh: they're really handy, with interchangeable polarizing and blue-light-reducing lenses, depending on whether I'm going for a walk in the sun or looking at my PC.

Amazon Prime Day is in full swing right now, with tons of Razer gear (opens in a new tab) on sale if you want to pick up some less weird Razer kit (my personal recommendations include the Kraken headset and the ridiculously cheap DeathAdder v2 Mini). Mouse).

But honestly? I love Anzu dyes and right now they're 75% off in the US They're also off in the UK but not much but if you're in the UK and have a Prime membership you can get this deal and pay a few bucks for shipping, and you still get a great deal.

(Not in the US or UK? Scroll down for deals in your area.)

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Today's best Prime Day Razer Anzu deals

It's downright amusing to me that you'll eventually be able to buy Razer Anzu Shades with a 24 Monster Energy pack (opens in a new tab) on Amazon, though perhaps I shouldn't be surprised, given Razer's reputation as a gaming brand. that's known for shaking sometimes.

Still, these are a great pair of shades. I want to listen to music and sometimes take calls while walking, but I also want to listen to my surroundings; With more and more electric cars on the road, it's becoming common for a Tesla to surprise me. And since the Razer Anzu Smart Glasses don't use headphones, but instead stream audio from two small speakers positioned just above your ears, they're ideal.

Blue light lenses are also pretty nifty. I spent most of 2021 undergoing chemotherapy and even though I am now done with cancer, I still end up with persistent headaches if I look at a screen for too long. However, blue light reduction? Works like a charm. I can slap those bad boys around and enjoy a Destiny raid or two without getting a headache, and the fact that they can connect to my phone for Discord voice chat is just an added bonus.

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No matter where you live, here you will find all the lowest prices for the Razer Anzu on the web, with offers available in your area.

Today's best Razer Anzu deals

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