Vodafone is the first broadband provider in the

Vodafone has become the first broadband provider in the UK (opens in a new tab) to offer a Wi-Fi 6E enabled router to its customers, promising the new technology will improve wireless internet coverage in the home.

Wi-Fi 6E represents the latest development in wireless connectivity, using high-end 6GHz spectrum to improve speeds, increase capacity, and reduce latency. The result is multi-gigabit transmission speeds that allow businesses and homes to get the most out of their fiber optic connections.

With most consumers using equipment provided by their broadband provider, the arrival of the first compatible routers is significant and Vodafone hopes it will give it a technological edge over the competition.

WiFi Vodafone 6E

The 'Vodafone Ultra Hub' and 'Super Wi-Fi 6E' are available with the carrier's 'Vodafone Pro II' pricing plans, which offer speeds of up to 910Mbps and promise to connect up to 150 devices simultaneously.

The router will automatically switch to Vodafone's 4G network in the event of a landline failure, and the company promises that if a customer can't get a signal throughout their home, they can terminate their contract without penalty.

"Vodafone Pro II sets the new standard for the UK broadband market," said Max Taylor, Vodafone's chief consumer officer. "Combines the UK's fastest and most reliable Wi-Fi technology in the new Vodafone Ultra Hub router with the UK's largest full fiber footprint."

Vodafone's footprint claim is based on its services being powered by a combination of the Openreach and CityFibre wholesale networks, rather than its own infrastructure.

Meanwhile, BT is not a CityFibre customer and Virgin Media O2's gigabit network still largely includes cable technology, although it is considering rolling out fiber to the premises (FTTP) across Europe before the end of the decade.

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