Password management company Keeper Security has announced a new feature that it says will allow users to securely share recordings with anyone for a limited time.

The new solution, called Keeper One-Time Share, will be useful for those of us who want to share sensitive information with a friend, family member, or colleague without exposing it via email, text, or online messaging.

The news comes as concerns abound about employee approaches to sharing sensitive information. A multinational survey conducted by Western Digital found that 68% of data managers believe employee behavior is a greater threat to the security of their highly sensitive data than external hackers and various malicious actors.

How does it work?

Keeper Security assures us that one-time sharing links are limited to the recipient's device only and automatically expire at a time chosen by the user.

One-time share recordings can only be used on one device, and even if the user forgets to stop sharing the recording, it will automatically expire and the recipient's access will be revoked. The solution can also be used to share data with recipients who don't have a Keeper account.

In addition, one-time sharing can also be done via QR codes, Airdrop, Email, SMS or other out-of-band channels.

As an added layer of security, individual shares are apparently also locked down on the device, meaning only the original recipient can access and decrypt the data.

If a third party then opens the link or if the user's email account is compromised, the data cannot be decrypted except on the original recipient's device, even if someone has successfully delivered the relevant security keys.

However, Keeper Security isn't the only company rolling out new features to its professional password manager offering.

1Password recently released a new solution that it says will help businesses improve their overall security posture.

1Password Insights contains tools to help businesses monitor data breaches, password vulnerabilities, and Teams usage in shared vaults, while suggesting next steps and enabling businesses to notify employees of data breaches. data.

Keeper One-Time Share is currently available to all customers (paid and free), as well as business customers (including Business, Enterprise, and MSP plans).

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