Your professional edition of (*11*) Teams could soon run faster and smoother than ever, the company hinted.

The company introduced the second generation of video conferencing software, (*11*) Teams 2.0, in late 2021, but until now it has only been available for personal accounts on Windows 11.

Now, it looks like (*11*) Teams 2.0 could be coming to business, work, and school accounts in the coming weeks or months, in what would be a welcome expansion for many users.

Teams 2.0 for everyone?

In a response (opens in a new tab) to a question in a blog post about "performance improvements" for (*11*) Teams, Mark Longton, Senior Program Manager at Enterprise Group, apparently confirmed that the new version would reach more users soon. .

Responding to a question about the (*11*) Teams 2.0 features that will soon be available to more users, Longton noted, “I can say that there is a heavy allocation of resources to the WebView2 work you mention for business users…although not I can comment on any timeline right now."

"I fully appreciate the need to continue to push hard in this area in terms of responsiveness, latency, and resource utilization, both with short-term team wins and long-term architectural changes to deliver step-by-step feature enhancements." ». he added.

Building on the great success of the original version of the software, (*11*) Teams 2.0 (Opens in a new tab) offers an updated set of services and tools for users.

Like the (*11*) desktop client, Teams 2.0 supports native Windows calling, messaging, audio controls, meeting management, and notifications, and now allows users to resize windows and includes the ability to to quote replies directly from the conversation tab.

However, it's also integrated directly into the new Windows 11 Chat app, bringing all your communication tools together in one place for the first time, and it's also integrated into the dock, so you can easily join meetings and calls. relatives.

Via WindowsLatest (Opens in a new tab)

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