Meta has announced (opens in a new tab) that it is currently working on a set of new features for Facebook groups that aim to bring communities together, and some of these will be very familiar to voice users, the popular video and text chat. app discord.

According to the announcement, admins will soon have the ability to create channels within their groups that allow them to interact in "smaller, more informal settings where they can have deeper discussions about common interests or organize their communities around topics in different formats."

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Cela inclura de nouveaux audio channels communautaires de style Discord, who allow aux administrateurs et aux membres du groupe de «sauter et sortir de manière décontractée des conversations audio en temps réel», also des channels de discussion textuels réguliers pour ceux qui sont timides devant the microphone.

In addition to real-time chat and audio channels, Facebook groups will also offer community feed channels, allowing users to interact and post comments on admin-approved topics at their own pace.

A new and improved sidebar will headline the redesign, giving users an easier way to access their groups, which will now be listed in order of their latest activity, such as "new messages or chats you haven't seen yet."

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Users will also be able to pin their favorite groups to the top of the sidebar for quick access, and the groups themselves will be more organized with a new menu that will allow members to stay up-to-date with the events, shops, and topics that are coming up. they are interested in You are the most interested.

Currently, the Meta Facebook Groups redesign is only in the testing phase, however, we expect it to roll out to all users in the coming months.

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