Almost 5 years after the release of Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4, and a year and a half since it was ported to PC, a fan discovered an unused character model in the game files that replaces the protagonist Aloy with an anthropomorphic duck.

The character resembles a test model used in an earlier version of the game, a plain black human model, quite unspeakable except for the large duck head protruding from his neck. The character also employs a sandwich board that states "this is a legacy tank [acter] please replace me", and encourages anyone with questions to contact [email protected]

Duckman, as the character's sandwich panel suggests, was found by Redditor PortPort_ using a cheat menu mod with the PC version of the game. The mod lets you change Horizon Zero Dawn's graphics, change its game functionality, produce NPCs, and dig into the . game files

_PortPort_ claimed he was able to change Aloy's character model to this roaming duck using the cheat menu, and another Reddit user claimed he was able to find the model after downloading a file manager mod to put the game together.

so_i_found_this_with_the_cheat_menu_on_pc_has from r/horizon

Analysis: Developers just want to have fun

Why this anthropomorphic duck character was included in Horizon Zero Dawn is a mystery, though it's probably just a surplus character model created as a joke. While their sandwich panel requests that the "legacy character" be removed, the included email address suggests that Guerrilla Games (or a developer at the studio, at least) wanted them to find it.

Game developers often leave small Easter eggs in areas unreachable by players. In XNUMX, a data miner completely hacked God of War's vault, allowing them to roam the planet and stop time freely. Not seulement ils ont pu accéder à des zones de la carte précédemment coupées des joueurs, mais ils ont également discover un œuf de Pâques amusant – after Baldur ait été jeté dans un ravin par Kratos au début du jeu, il se retourne et retourne l 'bird.

Duckman looks like another entertaining gift left in the game by an entertaining developer. What is surprising, however, is how long the character waited. It's been nearly 5 years since the game was first released, and fans are still finding secrets in . What other human-animal hybrids are waiting to be discovered?

They won't be continuing in the depths of Zero Dawn for quite some time, though, with its sequel Horizon Forbidden West due out later this month.

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