Now that Apple has introduced iPadOS 16, we get a preview of what iPads will look like in the coming months when the software update hits our tablets.

However, not all iPads will receive this update, because with each respective version of iPadOS, Apple removes some older devices from its compatibility list.

So even if your iPad received iPadOS 15, it doesn't mean that it will receive the next version. So to help you out, we've compiled this list of all iPads that are compatible with the upcoming version.

Oh, and by the way, if you don't know which iPad you have, head over to Settings app, then press About Usthen in the Model Name you'll see which iPad you're using, it's simple.

Entry level iPad

(Image credit: future)

If you have the entry-level iPad, the one just called 'iPad' without the suffix, then you'll be able to get iPadOS 16 if you have the XNUMXth generation model or higher (pictured).

This was the version released in 2017, and since then there is also a 2018 version with the same 9,7-inch screen and two versions with 10,2-inch screens. All five models are supported.

All of these tablets also have iPadOS 15, so if you have that, you get another update.

Ipad mini

iPad mini (2019)

(Image credit: LaComparacion)

Unfortunately, the iPad Mini line is losing a member. The oldest small-bodied slate to receive an update is the iPad Mini 2019th generation (2015) (pictured), though its 15 predecessor got iPadOS XNUMX.

So the only two members of the mini lineup to receive the iPadOS 16 update are the aforementioned 2019 device and the latest 2021 iPad Mini, which was the first to remove the home button.

With a four-year gap between the fourth and fifth generation iPad Minis, it's no wonder the former is discontinued, but it's still sad that we can't say "every iPad that supports iPadOS 15 gets the newest." update'.

Ipad air

iPad Air 2019

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The oldest model of iPad Air to get iPadOS 16 is on iPad Air (2019), or the model of the third generation, which means that Seoul lui and the two most recent models (from 2020 and 2022) recognize the same day.

As with the Mini device, that means one model is left behind: the iPad Air 2 in this case.

This tablet is eight years old at this point, so it has performed well.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro 12.9 2021

(Image credit: LaComparacion)

There's good news for iPad Pro owners: All versions of the tablet, even 2015 models showing their age, will get the iPadOS 16 update.

Obviously, all of these devices also received iPadOS 15, but we expected Apple to exclude its first Pro models from the iPad update this year. Obviously, we were wrong.

With five generations of tablets, that means the Pro line joins the entry level by being the only family with as many waves of slates supporting iPadOS 16, even though months after launch the first entry-level fifth-generation iPad Pro is announced. model level, this technically means that the board is the oldest still in use.

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