Max Verstappen extended his lead over Lewis Hamilton to eighteen points when he claimed victory from pole at the Red Bull Ring last weekend. Mercedes is now in its longest winless run of the turbo-hybrid era, a 4-race drought that could be about to get worse, as the local Red Bull circuit hosts a second successive GP. Follow our guide to F1 live streaming and watch the XNUMX Austrian Grand Prix online wherever you want it to be.

There is no prize for guessing the winner of the last 4 races. Hamilton's mind games did not have the desired effect, and rifts began to emerge between the 7-time world winner and Toto Wolff once Red Bull took a forty-point lead in the constructors' tournament.

It is a series of results that change the perspective and, for the first time, there is now a real conviction that Verstappen could do it.

McLaren duo Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo will also be looking to bounce back from a disappointing weekend, as will Alpha Tauri's Pierre Gasly, who looked set to battle for a podium already before suffering a late-race puncture at the first lap by Converses Leclerc de Ferrari.

Read on for more details on how to get the F1 live stream and watch the Austrian Grand Prix online. Follow all the F1 Austrian GP action from start to finish, including details on how to watch qualifying and practice, with the help of this guide.

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Free F1 Live Streaming: Where Can You Watch the Austrian GP for Free?

Multiple countries around the planet are entitled to show a part of the action of F1 on TV for free.

You can find a full list of free streamers in our dedicated guide on how to watch F1, where you will see that you can watch the Austrian GP live for free in Austria on Servus TV.

And if you are currently traveling abroad outside of your country and want to tune in to your family coverage of Austria in Formula 1, you can use a VPN to do so as explained below: we rate ExpressVPN as the best provider out there, which has a huge track record for unblocking geo-limited feeds.

How to broadcast F1 live from outside your country

If you're abroad for this weekend's Austrian GP, ​​you probably won't be able to access your frequent Formula 1 coverage like you would at home. This is not necessarily a cause for alarm, but rather the result of geo-blocking, better understood as digital borders that limit some services and content to certain parts of the planet.

Thank goodness, there is a recommended way to bypass this via a VPN. This is clever software that lets you bypass those digital boundaries, so you can travel the planet and still access your favorite F1 live stream. It is a totally legal alternative solution, very accessible and very simple to use. Let us explain more.

Use a VPN to be able to watch an F1 XNUMX live stream from anywhere

Austria F1 Live Stream How to See the Grand

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Watch it on F1 TV

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If you are an F1 enthusiast, you are probably already familiar with F1 TV.; is the streaming service to subscribe to for the best live action, highlights, reruns of traditional races and much more; you can ask the registration on their site.

Most people will want to go with F1 TV Pro, which is the means to broadcast live the entire F1 Grand Prix in its entirety, such as F2, F3 and Porsche Supercup. The costs change from one country to another (for example, they cost seventy-nine and ninety-nine US dollars in the US) And some even let you try a XNUMX-day free trial!

Just keep in mind that not each and every zone has a bulk of F1 TV with live coverage of the Grand Prix, with the UK and Australia being the notable caveats. But that still leaves people in the US, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Brazil, and more.

Two thousand twenty-one F1 Austrian Grand Prix calendar

  • Practice 1: Friday, July 10 at 30:11 a.m. M. BST / 30:5 a.m. M. CET / 30:30 a.m. M. ET / two:XNUMX a.m. M. PT
  • Practice 2: Friday July 2 at 2pm BST / XNUMXpm CET / XNUMXam ET / XNUMXam PT
  • Practice 3: Saturday July 3 at XNUMXam BST / XNUMXpm CET / XNUMXam ET / XNUMXam PT
  • Qualification - Saturday, July XNUMX at XNUMX p.m. BST / XNUMX p.m. CET / XNUMX a.m. ET / XNUMX a.m. PT
  • 2021 Austrian GP: Sunday, July XNUMX at XNUMXpm BST / XNUMXpm CET / XNUMXam ET / XNUMXam PT

F1 live

F1 Austrian Grand Prix live

How to watch the Austrian Grand Prix: live stream from F1 in the UK

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Sky has the rights to Formula 1 in the UK, which means you'll be able to watch the Austrian Grand Prix on Sky Sports. Subscribers can also watch on the go using the Sky Go app, free on virtually all modern phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and consoles.

For those without Sky, the best option is a Now TV Sky Sports monthly pass, which includes all eleven channels.

Coverage of the Austrian GP starts on Sky Sports F1 at 45am BST on Friday for the first practice, at 1:12 am on Saturday for practice three, at 30pm for qualifying and at XNUMX:XNUMX pm on last day of the week for the Austrian Grand Prix itself. still, it starts at two pm

To access your regular streaming service from outside the UK, you will need to download a good VPN as specified above.

watch f1 live the austrian grand prix in the usa

F1 live stream: how to watch the Austrian Grand Prix in the US

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In the US, ESPN offers full coverage of the 1 F2021 season and live broadcast of the Austrian Grand Prix, including essential qualifying and practice sessions.

If you have it as part of a wired plan, you will be able to broadcast the action directly through the ESPN site.

Cable cutters are in luck too, as you can get ESPN without having an expensive bundle of cables.

Of the many and varied options, the best for Formula 1 enthusiasts who want to watch a live F1 broadcast is Sling TV, whose Sling Orange bundle offers ESPN channels for just $35 a month; save big with Sling's latest offer. Get your first month for just $10!

Alternatively, fuboTV is an even more comprehensive end-to-end cable replacement service, offering ESPN and over 64.99+ channels on plans starting at $XNUMX per month.

And, as previously described, you may prefer to donate F1 TV and its free trial A must try if the only thing you really care about is the most essential motorsport on the planet.

1 Austrian F2021 Grand Prix - US TV Coverage and Schedules

This Sunday you can watch the Austrian Grand Prix live from 7 am ET / 30 am PT on ESPN (edition starts at 4:30 am ET / 8:55 am PT), while qualifying will be broadcast live on TV at 5:55 am ET / XNUMX:XNUMX am PT Saturday coming soon. a departure at XNUMX AM ET / XNUMX AM PT.

For the true enthusiast, the workouts will air immediately prior to the start times listed above.

Watch a live broadcast of the Austrian F1 Grand Prix abroad

New or existing subscribers to US streaming services can still access their platform of choice from abroad by purchasing a quality VPN and following the instructions above.

watch the austrian f1 grand prix live in canada

How to watch the 2021 Austrian GP: live stream from F1 in Canada


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As good as the official F1 TV service (as described above), you can watch the Austrian GP and all the other F1 2021 action on TSN in English or RDS in French, but these are premium channels that usually come with a pay TV bundle.

If you get them as part of your cable deal, you will only be able to log in with your distributor details and access a live stream of F1.

If you don't have cable, your digital platforms will serve you well. TSN Direct and RDS Direct streaming services are just CA$4.99 per day or (much better value) CA$19,99 per month.

The Austrian Grand Prix starts at XNUMXam ET / XNUMXam PT this Sunday, and qualifying on Saturday at XNUMXam ET / XNUMXam PT. Training times are counted above and coverage is also provided, uploaded immediately before the start of each session.

Remember, you can take your preferred sports streaming service with you wherever you want it to go; simply try our #1 rated 100% risk-free VPN for thirty days and follow the instructions above.

Watch the live broadcast of the Austrian Grand Prix of F1 2021 Australia

How to watch F1 and get a live broadcast of the Austrian Grand Prix in Australia

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Australian F1 enthusiasts should prepare for a delay as the Austrian GP starts at XNUMXpm AEST on the last day of the week at night.

Fox Sports pay TV broadcasts each and every race from the 1st Formula XNUMX Down Under era, including all the action from this weekend's Austrian Grand Prix.

But if you don't have Fox as part of a pay-TV bundle, perhaps your best bet is to sign up for the booming show. Kayo sports streaming service.

He has no lockout contracts and gives you access to over fifty sports, including cricket, NRL, soccer… the list goes on! Useful if you don't want to get into Fox.

Better yet, Kayo offers a FREE 2-week trial!

After that, the Kayo Sports Basic package costs €25 per month and allows users to stream on 2 devices simultaneously. The service also offers a Kayo Sports Premium plan, which gives 3 simultaneous broadcasts for €35 per month.

Remember that you can also take your blanket outside. For those who want to watch sports broadcasts at home from abroad, a good VPN is the way to go.

watch f1 live the austrian grand prix 2021 new zealand

How to get a live stream of the Austrian F1 GP in New Zealand

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The Austrian GP starts at a difficult time for New Zealand-based F1 enthusiasts, with the lights scheduled to turn off at 1am NZST on the last day of the week at night / Monday morning.

Spark Sport presents each and every F1 race this season. Generally, it costs €19,99 per month, but if you just want to attend a race for free, you're in luck because there's a seven-day free trial.

As well as F1 action, you also get plenty of Black Caps cricket matches as well as England, US NBA basketball action and EPL soccer.

Spark Sport is available via web browsers on your PC or Macsuch as on Apple and Android mobile devices, Chromecast, Apple TV, select Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and LG televisions and select Freeview streamers.

If you are abroad and want to go online to view your subscription, you can do so using one of our top VPN recommendations.

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