Buy air conditioners it's not always easy. We know that there are many brands on the market making it difficult to choose the product. In this sense, we will present the top 4 air conditioners, a comparison in which you will know each of the significant characteristics of the most competitive equipment in terms of prices and those of the best range.

Especially in summer, air conditioning is an ideal instrument to alleviate the heat. No matter where in the house it is installed, that place will become your favorite place. Prices vary according to model, brand and capacity. If you really need a piece of equipment that cools even if the temperature is very high outside, choose among those you are about to discover to free yourself from all the stress of having a hot day.

Comparison top 4 of air conditioners

The air conditioners that we present below are the best alternatives that can be found on the market. Get to know each of them in detail and choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. LG S12ET Air Conditioner 1×1

The new model of LG S12ET Air Conditioning 1×1 Bet on the latest technology, with integrated Wi-Fi. The compressor is LG DUAL Inverter that turns the equipment into a completely silent one, maintaining the adequate temperature. It works at the minimum noise level, not only thanks to the compressor, but also to its oblique inclined fan that eliminates all unwanted noise.

The design of this air conditioner is modern, simple and compact. It can be installed anywhere and its maintenance is easy to perform. LG allows you to have total control of the air, based on comfort technology with which you can direct the equipment where you want.

2. Hisense Brissa CA35YR03 Air Conditioning 1×1

East Hisense Brissa CA35YR03 Air Conditioner 1×1 It is characterized by having an economic profile equipped with the best technology on the market. This brand offers an extended warranty outside the conventional two years given by other manufacturers. It also has an Inverter system allowing energy consumption savings.

One of the most striking aspects is the voice command that makes everyday life easier. This air conditioner has a built-in voice controller with which you can talk to the equipment to indicate the mode you want to use at all times.

3. Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP35VGK air conditioning – R 32

This team Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP35VGK air conditioning – R 32 falls into the category of high-end. This product is made of the highest quality materials. It is part of the MSZ-AP range, par excellence the one with the most performance and design found on the market.

Thanks to its efficiency and performance, it is one of those that consumes the least electricity, since its compressor is manufactured to work in extreme conditions. In addition, it is made with the new ecological gas R32.

4. Daikin TXM35R air conditioner 1×1

El Daikin TXM35R air conditioner 1×1 belongs to the perfect series, thanks to its great features and extraordinary performance. It stands out for its high technology in terms of air direction, as it adapts to the user's needs. 3-D flow controls horizontal and vertical airflow.

This Air Conditioner has built-in Wi-Fi control, that is, you can control the equipment while you are inside or outside the house from your mobile, where you can also see all its operation and acclimatize the space before going to rest.

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