Achieving well-paying and completely stable jobs sometimes requires additional preparation. That is precisely why there are opposition in Spain. It is the fastest and most flexible option that has been found in recent times. Precisely, now in the month of December there will be the option to participate for the General Administrative Body of the State Administration. Admission is completely free, but you will have to complete two super important steps. If you want to know what the online opposition process is like, you are in the right place. Let's get started!

Why choose the option to oppose the State Administrative?

The option to oppose guarantees new job opportunitiess with stability. Actually, the second option is the most important point and the biggest reason for many participants. Oppose the General Administrative Body of the State  it is much simpler than it seems. The course lasts for 6 months and having 450 hours of classes. The procedure is quite simple and not very complicated, but you will have to make an effort to take your preparation to another level.

In December 2022 there will be the unique opportunity to participate in the available places. The call will be for more than 2500 people. There are two steps to carry out, but they are carried out by part. The first exercise will be carried out in May 2023, being a unique opportunity.

In addition, the opposition preparation procedure is carried out completely online, which further increases the chances that participation will be massive to belong to the State Administrative.

Digital Academy: Adaptable to the needs of the participants

Online preparation is a super attractive option. And it is made up of two important factors: Endless resources for preparation and flexibility. What do we mean by this? The courses are comprised of a certain number of hours, as mentioned above. If you receive preparation in a physical environment, you must comply with the established schedule. On the other hand, the online opposition allows them to spend less and more time.

In general, teachers establish a daily preparation of 2 to 3 hours. However, if the participant requires 4 or 5 hours, she can do it. There are no limitations so that it can be adapted to the needs of each person. This is what makes it so much more attractive. Consultations, classes and interaction are carried out by different platforms so that the content is much easier.

Is there an approximate number of places offered?

Participation for Oppose State Administrative it is quite big. The number of people who want to be part of it today has no name. We are talking about a total of 4.652 with free access. The orientation calendar has set that the selection process will be convened for December 2022, but they have not yet given the official date. It is estimated that at the beginning or middle of the month, since the first part of the process will be for May 2023, as we mentioned before.

Remember that to participate you must have the Minimum age of 16 years and have Spanish nationality. The minimum preparation must be for a baccalaureate, although if you have professional training you must add it to your file. The most important thing is that you do not have any type of physical or psychiatric illness. And in case of having a disability, you will have to have legal recognition of 33% or higher. Participate and do not miss the opportunity to find job stability!


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