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First, let's get to know the Tineco brand. It sources and manufactures its products in China - a point it seems reluctant to admit - and has been wowing people with its products at tech fairs since 1998. Claiming to have produced the first "intelligent vacuum cleaner," Tineco has launched several models of cordless vacuum cleaners. vacuum cleaners (wet and dry cleaning) in subsequent years and, randomly, a hair dryer! Or perhaps not so randomly, Tineco seems to have presented itself as a serious rival to Dyson.

Released in the summer of 2022, the Pure One S15 Pro's most notable updates over previous versions - most recently the Pure One S12 Pro - include Tineco's first tangle-free brush head (that actually works), improved graphics on the large LCD display panel and a charging/storage module on the floor. Tineco have also made improvements to the ease with which you can empty the vacuum bin, with the Pure One S15 featuring a one-touch slider that removes dirt into the bin, opening and emptying in one action. fluid.

  • Tineco Pure ONE S15 PRO (blue) at Best Buy for $499.99 (opens in a new tab)

One of the main features we love about the Pure One S15 Pro is its iLoop Smart Sensor technology, which visually confirms that floors are dust-free. It's similar to the Dyson V15 Detect in that it automatically adjusts power based on particle size. When used in automatic mode, this sensor technology increases and decreases suction power as needed, saving battery power and making it easier to work on particularly dirty floors.

The machine's five-stage filtration system is a big plus for allergy sufferers, while the air and dust separation aims to keep the filter clean for longer, meaning you won't waste dust. ) so often.

It's a bit pricey at $599.99 / €599, and the battery life could be better. Still, the Pure One S15 Pro offers a lot for its money, and we were very impressed with the high-quality appearance of this smart wireless device.

Keep scrolling to see how the Pure One S15 Pro performed in our review, then head over to our best cordless vacuum cleaner buying guide to see how it compares.

Tineco Pure One S15 Pro price and availability

  • List price: € 599.99 / € 599
  • Available in UK and US.

The Pure One S15 Pro is available directly from Tineco (Opens in a new tab) or through Amazon (Opens in a new tab). The price means it's designed to compete on the same playing field as Dyson's V15 and Miele's Triflex HX2, a bold move given Tineco's less established reputation in the vacuum industry; but it's a good indicator of the kind of technology and quality you can expect to get for your money.

Value: 2/5

Design Tineco Pure One S15 Pro

  • Elegant and futuristic looks.
  • Color LCD screen with animated images
  • 470ml container capacity

The Pure One S15 Pro is as sexy as a cordless vacuum should be, with a distinct air of Apple AirPods aesthetic. The lines are smooth and the moon-facing LCD panel is elegant. This display is at an easily readable angle when vacuuming and provides vital stats like power level and battery usage.

The LCD panel also has a very attractive halo-style light ring, or iLoop sensor, that changes from red to blue based on dirt detected. It's not just a pretty light show, the sensor is designed to make sure there's no hidden dirt. If the halo turns red, keep cleaning until you get light blue. It's super smart and very reassuring to know that your floors are completely clean, especially carpets.

The Pure One S15 Pro's sleek design extends to its neat charging dock, which also houses accessories. It is freestanding, so you don't need to take out the drill to screw it to the wall. Instead, simply insert the grounding head into the base and charging begins.

Setup was easy, especially since quick start instructions are printed on the top of the package. Connecting the Pure One S15 Pro to the Tineco Life app was free of the usual pairing issues. Whether you really need an application on a non-robotic vacuum is another question. The app offers information like the area you cleaned, in square meters, and how much time you spent cleaning and on what days, none of which is necessarily interesting or useful. You can view your current battery status via the app, just in case you're running home to vacuum and need advanced insights into how much power you have to play. Once again, not helpful. The app also sends messages if you haven't cleaned in a while, which most people can probably do without.

Configuration of Tineco S15 pro

Setup is simple (Image credit: Future)

However, as is the case with all apps, you can disable those authoritative notifications, and in the case of this void, you can probably get away with not logging into the app. Perhaps the only information we've found it useful for is the filter life status, which tells you when the pre-filter needs to be cleaned; it's the kind of thing you could easily overlook.

Let's move on to actual use. When you turn on the Pure One S15 Pro for the first time, the screen shows a handy tutorial on connecting parts and switching between features. The first thing you might notice is the voice prompts, which are surprisingly loud and often a bit useless. No one needs to yell "Turn off" at them while turning off a vacuum cleaner; the fact that he has been silent is proof enough. However, you can disable voice prompts using the app, so that's fine.

The range of accessories supplied as standard is correct. The Pure One S15 Pro comes with a 2-in-1 dusting brush, mini power brush, and crevice tool, which fit neatly into the charging dock, as well as an extra filter and hair cleaning tool. Turning the Pure One S15 Pro on is a simple pull of the trigger on the grip and powering back off. Remember to move your hand down the handle to avoid accidentally turning it off mid-clean.

If you stick to auto mode (more on that later), you won't need to press any other buttons. However, choose to clean in manual mode and there is a button below the LCD screen and then a slider button that allows you to easily adjust the power levels. The same button will also allow you to access the maximum power mode. This button and slider require two hands to operate as they cannot be reached with the hand holding the vacuum. It's a slightly awkward maneuver that doesn't seem to get any easier with practice.

El cambio entre boquillas y cepillos es sencillo: un simple botón libera la boquilla y un clic audible le asegura que se ha realizado una reconexión firme. La insignificante capacidad del contenedor es un poco decepcionante, y descubrimos que tenía que vaciarse con frecuencia. Con demasiada frecuencia. En el lado positivo, tiene un botón deslizante incorporado que empuja la suciedad hacia la cavidad interior del contenedor, lo que reduce la necesidad de sacar las manos para eliminar las obstrucciones de polvo. El control deslizante también abre automáticamente el contenedor, lo que permite vaciarlo con solo un toque. Siempre que el contenido del contenedor no haya excedido la línea Max, funciona de maravilla.

using the Tineco S15 pro with the 2in1 accessory

Switching between nozzles and brushes is seamless (Image credit: Future)

In terms of comfort of use, we found the ergonomics of the handle to be very good and we had no arm aches even after vacuuming a four-bedroom house, suggesting that weight distribution is also excellent.

Design: 5 / 5

Performance of the Tineco Pure One S15 Pro

  • awesome suction
  • Anti-hair electric brush
  • Effortless in automatic mode

The Pure One S15 Pro packs a 500W motor, whose suction was truly impressive during our four-week test period. It was a shame on our mat, which has a thin top layer that wrinkled and warped under the mighty Pure One. The vacuum starts in auto mode, but you can switch it to manual mode and reduce the power. However, even on the lowest setting, it sucked too much to vacuum carpets easily.

In terms of maneuverability, the flexible hose at the top of the floor head pivots well in all directions, allowing for really smooth bends and flexes to get under furniture. There are two heavy-duty wheels on the floor head that help produce a smooth suction action back and forth, which was especially welcome when changing floor types. In short, the floorhead doesn't feel too light, clunky, or cheap when pushed.

Vacuum the floor with the Tineco S15 Pro

The floor head turns well in all directions (Image credit: Future)

We couldn't find an official sound rating for the Pure One S15 Pro, but our sound meter app puts it at around 55dB on auto and 66dB on full power, which is pretty quiet compared to other vacuums out there. we have tested. However, it would have been welcome to lower the volume of the voice prompts; the Pure One S15 Pro is too loud, especially before your morning coffee has served its purpose!

We then move on to the mini brush, which can only be used with the main unit to create a more portable handheld vacuum (it's great on stairs). We found that this tool isn't the best for removing pet hair from upholstery; You will find that you have to go over the hair several times before it gives way. The brushes can be a little too soft on the inside, and there's no anti-wrapping technology on the mini brush, so longer human hairs wrap around it too easily.

Tineco S15 pro on the stairs

The mini brush shines on the stairs (Image credit: Future)

Cleaning the filters is a fairly simple process that involves opening the bin door, rotating the main mesh filter, and then removing the smaller pre-filter inside. There is a helpful label on the side of the container that shows these steps, if you don't have the instruction manual handy. Said instruction manual recommends cleaning the dust container and the mesh filter with a damp cloth after each use, which is too much, and unlikely. But the recommended monthly washing and drying of the pre-filter is a bit more doable. Need to change the pre-filter...

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