TikTok Shop Won't Come To US After Rocky Pilot

TikTok Shop Won't Come To US After Rocky Pilot

Although it has proven popular in Asia, TikTok's own e-commerce platform (opens in a new tab) is unlikely to make it to the US after several initial hiccups in the UK.

According to the Financial Times (opens in a new tab), the social media company has now "dropped plans" to expand its "QVC-style" shopping experience to several European countries and the United States as it failed to gain traction. and business. concerns. Staff.

Germany, France, Italy and Spain are just a few of the countries where TikTok hoped to gain a foothold when it came to live online shopping, a phenomenon that has taken countries like China by storm.

The same article reports that several influencers who previously participated in the pilot program had decided to leave and that the shopping platform was not achieving its goals. This despite TikTok offering financial incentives for people to sell on the app.

Sell ​​on the TikTok store

An article by 9to5Mac (opens in a new tab) notes that almost half of the staff involved in the European trial had resigned, while an executive from the company in charge of the TikTok Shop in Europe had to be replaced due to comments he made. about maternity leave. , a right of the workers in which he "did not believe".

Long work hours, late arrivals, and a heavy workload are just some of the reasons why staff quit. TikTok claimed that employee shifts should "match customer usage patterns" and that the company had tried to avoid such interruptions in routine as much as possible.

The news comes nearly a year after the Chinese company initially partnered with Shopify, a shopping program that saw Kylie Jenner sell her own line of cosmetics on the social media app.

Instagram has its own store where users can find products recommended for them based on various data points, like who they follow, and while TikTok's attempt was unsuccessful this time, it's unlikely to abandon this growing market.