IT and the great resignation

IT and the great resignation

One of the biggest stories related to the pandemic has been the so-called Great Resignation, a reshuffling of talent across nearly every industry as employees reassess their job priorities and the role work should play in their lives. Pay, benefits, allowances, remote work, relocation, work-life balance, culture, and what workers expect of life in a post-pandemic world are all contributing factors. It's a combination that has tilted the job market in favor of employees, leaving companies struggling to retain and attract talent.

It's easy to see high churn as an issue for HR or business executives to manage, including the C-suite, making plans for staff acquisition and retention at all levels, from rank-and-file workers to managers and executives. .

At the most basic level, IT must support policies related to remote or hybrid work, as well as employee return-to-office plans. Because, depending on how physical office space is reworked for a post-pandemic reality, IT will be needed to map logistics and ensure office layouts run smoothly.

The basics are, at this point, what is at stake. IT has a unique opportunity to support recruitment and retention efforts that go far beyond logistics. Getting involved at a deeper level can strengthen the relationship between IT and the rest of the organization.

Designate contacts with HR.