This LG OLED TV deal can save you almost € 1,000 on a big screen

This LG OLED TV deal can save you almost € 1,000 on a big screen
If you're looking for an amazing new display to reinvigorate your living room in 2020, this LG OLED TV deal can save you £950 on a £2,799 TV. This brings the price of this fantastic 9-inch LG C65 TV to just £1,849 this week. You buy a beautiful screen from a manufacturer known for its high-end OLED TVs and fantastic A9 scale processing. You get the C9 model here, one of the most feature-rich versions that will open you up to incredible sights and sounds. Powered by a second-generation A9 processor, LG TV optimizes every standard-definition broadcast you watch for your 4K display, meaning you always get the best picture with even smarter analysis under the hood. Add to that the stunning clarity of color identification on an OLED display, aided by Dolby Vision you get right out of the box, and HDR 10 Pro, and you get one hell of a display. Saving €950 on this exceptional OLED TV deal is a great way to start the year and with a feature set and picture quality like this, you'll be ready for the entertainment of 2020.

Today's best LG OLED TV deal

OLED TV LG 65C9MLB 65C9MLB 4K UHD HDR | € 2,799 € 1,849 at Currys
You get a beautiful OLED screen on this LG TV, all for € 950 off January sales. Throw in a second-gen A9 processor, Dolby Vision and Atmos, HDR10 integration, and the smart assistant, and you've got yourself a good deal.
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We've got other great deals on LG OLED TVs here if you don't like the 9-inch C65. We got great prices on the B9 model, a compromise in processing power for a cheaper price, as well as a smaller 9-inch C55.

9-inch LG B4PLA OLED 55K HDR Smart TV | € 1,799 € 1,079 at Amazon
This OLED model from LG has a range of amazing features for the price. You get a smart a7 processor to make sure everything you watch is as beautiful as possible, as well as HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. View the offer

9-inch LG C4MLB 55K UHD HDR OLED TV | € 1,799 € 1,249 at Currys
This C9 model is a higher level version than the previous B9 and offers a second generation a9 processor for improved image quality in standard resolution and even smarter analysis of the audio scene. In addition to all the OLED qualities, you also get support for Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Google Assistant, and Alexa.
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9-inch LG B4PLA 65K HDR OLED TV | € 2,799 € 1,778 at Amazon
Save € 1,000 on this 65-inch LG OLED TV. You get luxury TV at a fairly reasonable price thanks to this deal from Amazon. This price means you can get even more out of its a7 smart processor, HDR 10, Dolby Vision, and Atmos, and smart assistant.
See the offer Are you looking for a cheaper screen? You can find great OLED TV prices around the web if you know where to look (and luckily we do). Or, if you're looking for a great TV without breaking the bank, you might want to try a 4K TV deal.