The latest Klipsch soundbars talk about bass.

The latest Klipsch soundbars talk about bass.

American audio brand Klipsch has announced that its latest sound bars, the Klipsch Bar 40 and Klipsch Bar 48, are now available for purchase following their launch at CES 2019 in January this year.

The new Klipsch sound bars are based on the company's range of high-end reference loudspeakers and are equipped with wireless subwoofers to amplify the bass of your home theater setup.

Both soundbars are designed for a simple setup process and have many connection options, including HDMI ARC, 3.5mm analog, and optical digital inputs.

Virtual surround sound

Both bars 48 and 40 use wooden enclosures to avoid "unwanted resonances associated with plastic bodies" and woven grids.

The Klipsch Bar 48 features a 3: 1 channel configuration, with a dedicated center channel speaker for "enhanced clarity" and an 8-inch wireless subwoofer for powerful bass frequencies, ideal for watching big blockbusters with explosive explosions.

The Bar 48 also incorporates built-in surround sound technologies such as Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, and DTS-HD, which will bring you an immersive movie experience in the comfort of your home.

You can also create a native surround sound experience by combining the Bar 48 with the Klipsch Surround 3, which can be connected wirelessly to the soundbar to create a true 5.1 surround sound system.

The larger of the two models, the Bar 48 is 48 inches long and can be wall-mounted or mounted on your TV stand. Now available in the UK and US, it will cost you € 499 / € 565, which works out to around € 430 AU, but at the moment it is unclear when neither the other nor the other. Sound bars will be available in Australia.

If you want to complete Bar 48 with Surround 3, you will have to pay € 249 / € 265 extra (around € 360 USD).

Klipsch sound bar

The Bar 40 is the cheaper of the two bars of its Klipsch sound.

(Image credit: Klipsch)

A cheaper option

If that sounds a bit pricey, the Klipsch Bar 40 is significantly cheaper at € 299 / € 350 (around € 430 AU); is available for purchase right now in the US and will be released to the UK in the coming months

At 40 inches long, it comes with a 6.5-inch subwoofer and also supports virtual surround sound. So even if you go for the smaller of the two Klipsch sound bars, you can still get surround sound for your movies and TV shows. .

Klipsch is also expected to launch three new soundbars this year, including the Klipsch Bar 40G, which will come with the Google Assistant built in, and the Bar 48W, the latter of which will be further integrated into smart home technology, with the Assistant. from Google, Amazon Alexa. and Apple's AirPlay 2.

Finally, the Klipsch Bar 54A is configured to support Dolby Atmos technology with discrete altitude transducers, designed to deliver an immersive and engaging soundscape.