South Park season 24: release date and what we know about the future of the series

South Park season 24: release date and what we know about the future of the series South Park Season 24 is scheduled for release later this year.. With over 300 episodes now under its belt, Comedy Central's animated adult sitcom remains perennial, although its quality still fluctuates greatly between seasons. In season 23 of South Park, the show was on form at times, with a heavy focus on Randy Marsh's Tegridy farms. The 24th season of South Park was confirmed in 2019, when the show was renewed until 2022.. The show's popularity is clearly not waning: HBO Max would have paid over 500 million Uero just to stream. Old episodes of the series and episodes like 'Band in China' suggest that the show may still make headlines in (relatively minor) controversies. So here's what we know about South Park season 24 so far.

South Park season 24 release date

South Park Season 24 Doesn't Have an Official Release Date Yet, but given that the last seven seasons aired in mid-September, we'd be surprised if this season didn't arrive at a similar time. September 2020, then, is our guess. While much of TV show production has been negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic, animation has apparently been less affected, with shows like Bob's Burgers and The Simpsons returning to their regular time slot this year. However, it's unclear how South Park specifically will be affected (if at all), as the series is typically produced with a quick turnaround time.

South Park season 24 will be followed by 25 and 26

As mentioned above, South Park has been renovated through 2022, which is expected to cover the show during seasons 25 and 26. However, the program is likely to end sometime in the next decade. "I don't think we've ever had an 'OK, let's sit down and decide if we're going to continue,'" co-creator Trey Parker told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year about the future of the show. Co-creator Matt Stone also said in 2019: "I'm 48 years old. Trey is turning 50 this year. So I'll say I don't think we're doing this show at 60." So assuming Parker and Stone don't change their minds (which is possible), you have between 3 and 10 seasons of South Park left.

How to watch South Park episodes online

South Park is relatively careful, depending on where you are. In the US, HBO Max has the streaming rights to the show. (several controversial episodes are missing), but you can also watch them online here on the Comedy Central website. DVDs are also available in all seasons, including South Park Season 23. In the UK, new episodes of South Park air on Comedy Central UK, what you can watch with a subscription to Now TV, Amazon Prime Video UK also offers the first 22 seasons. Netflix UK has several seasons to watch in the UK, but does not have a complete archive.