Today there are a large number of brands that offer technology. Many have been known for their long careers, such as Samsung and LG. There are endless household appliances from these brands; however, today we will talk specifically about the TVs.

These devices have changed a lot in recent years, improving their technology and allowing the display of better quality images. But which one is better to buy? That is the dilemma. Next, we will make a small comparison between the two brands mentioned above with the intention of selecting the best.

What is the best technology today?

El "Black Friday" arrived and, therefore, the desire to take advantage of the opportunity to change the television. However, it is not so easy to choose among so many brands available in the market. Some are recognized, but others not so much. Sometimes it is not important to be guided by those who have made the product, since they tend to be more expensive. The idea is to acquire a good quality one, within the guidelines of the latest technological generation, but at a reasonable price.

Today there are two important technologies and which should be analyzed before buying a TV. Samsung and LG are really well-known brands in much of the world. They have been in charge of distributing their technology far and wide, with the aim of growing and staying in the market as leading companies. The televisions have two combinations of lighting and panels that never cease to amaze: QLED and OLED. But which one is the best?

QLED and OLED: Which technology stands out the most?

OLED technology has been widely used in LG TVs. And, on the other hand, QLED technology is sold and defended by the samsung tvs. The reality is, both are very good and are made up of bright LEDs. However, the difference is that OLED TVs are mainly composed of a large number of organic diodes and capable of emitting light individually.

Instead, QLED technology works with quantum Dots, which are illuminated by a fairly bright LED. According to different studies, it is ensured that a QLED TV is capable of produce almost the same power as a common LED. This being possible due to the large number of LED lights that are behind an LCD screen. But, not staying only in the explanation, we can ensure that QLED technology stands out from OLED.

So which TV should I buy on Black Friday?

With this short summary we can understand that the Samsung TV is much better than the technology used in LG TVs. However, the decision is made by the client or user. Here we make a comparison according to the screens and lighting that each of them can give, but everything will depend on what you are looking for. maybe you Entertaiment center) looks much better with an OLED screen than a QLED.

Each technology is very good in its own way, so it will remain on the part of the client. However, if in this text we have to choose a winner, we would go for QLED technology. The performance is much higher, allowing an impressive quality result when enjoying your movie, favorite game, novel, etc.

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