The Sonos Ray is one of the best budget soundbars around, and thanks to a new update, this little speaker is now an even better option for your budget audio needs.

However, some Sonos Ray owners have reported hearing a strange hum when playing a bass sound. This problem was also noticed by our friends at What HiFi (opens in a new tab) during their testing, and while it doesn't affect all Sonos Rays (we were lucky to avoid it with our review model), for some users the vibrations audible noises can be annoying.

According to the What HiFi report, Sonos was able to recreate the issue and has now released a fix via the latest Ray firmware update.

According to Sonos, the issue was caused by the speaker reproducing tones around 55 Hz. By design, this is the resonant frequency of the speaker's bass port, and therefore playing audio at this pitch could cause a hiss, essentially large amounts of moving air. through the ports when they shouldn't be causing the irritating tone.

Sonos claims that this issue has now been alleviated by tweaking the system's low-end response, meaning hum caused by snorting should be much less of an issue.

Considering the previous patch that was suggested picked up the Sonos Sub, currently priced at $749 / £749 / AU$1,099, this free update will be welcomed by those who were drawn to the Ray's affordability. a cheap sound system from Sonos isn't exactly cheap if you're paying over $1,000 for it.

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