The live stream of Apple's WWDC 2022 keynote has ended, and we got our first look at all the updates coming to our iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. This includes the first look at watchOS 9 and all the features available in the new Apple Watch smartwatch operating system.

And there are some amazing new features for the new Apple Watch OS. These include making you a better fitness partner with training options like triathlon-focused mode, which will let you automatically switch between swimming, cycling and running.

Beyond fitness, there will soon be new health options, including medication tracking. You can manually create medication lists or use your iPhone camera to scan a label and automatically add the medication to your existing list.

Apple can even investigate potential drug interactions that could cause problems for you. The Health app can warn you about substances that can negatively react with your medication, such as alcohol.

But which devices will support watchOS 9 at launch and have access to these and other features?

What devices are compatible with watchOS 9?

Apple said watchOS 9 would arrive "this fall" (read September to November). This free update will be available on Apple Watch 4 and later. Specifically, this includes the following smartwatches:

You'll also need to pair it with a compatible iPhone running iOS 16. This means you'll need:

What about people using an Apple Watch 3 and above?

If you're not using an Apple Watch 4 or later, you'll miss out on all the updates that come with watchOS 9, but that doesn't necessarily mean you should replace it right away.

While it doesn't offer the same health and fitness support, your old Apple Watch 3 will still work as well as ever. Au fil du temps, vous constaterez peut-être que certains compatibilité problems apparaissent à measure que watchOS 9 et iOS 16 s'intègrent plus étroitement (laissant derrière les systèmes d'exploitation plus anciens), more en général, votre appareil continuera à faire his work.

However, you may want to consider the security issues associated with using older devices. Hackers are more likely to hack hardware and software that has been around longer because they will have more experience finding its vulnerabilities.

Those of you looking for an upgrade now may want to check out the best Apple Watch deals we could find. The cheapest option is probably the Apple Watch SE. You can also strike a deal on a refurbished Apple Watch 4 or later, if you don't mind reusing someone else's old (but still working) tech.

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