Get ready for an emotional crescendo, Stranger Things fans: the show's fifth and final season could feature multiple character deaths.

The Duffer Brothers, aka the creators of Stranger Things, apparently secretly teased the fates of some of the lead actors from the hit Netflix series at a For Your Consideration (FYC) awards event on November 13 (according to The Hollywood Reporter(Opens in a new tab) ).

During the chat in Los Angeles, the duo hinted that Stranger Things season 5 would be the deadliest entry yet. Given the heightened level of secrecy surrounding the show's final season, the Duffer brothers haven't revealed anything specific. However, the wording of their responses to one particular question suggested that some of our beloved heroes would not make it to the end of the Netflix series alive.

"As important as the supernatural, we have so many characters now, most are still alive," said Ross Duffer. And finishing those arcs is important. A lot of these characters have grown since the first season, so it's a balancing act between giving them time to finish their character arcs and work out the kinks and making our final reveals."

It is this line "most of those still living" that hints at the fate of certain characters. Okay, so maybe we're looking for something that doesn't exist, but why make the distinction if there's nothing to read there?

Some of the main cast of Stranger Things are seeing something offscreen in season 1 volume 4

What characters could we say goodbye to in Stranger Things 5? (Image credit: Tina Rowden/Netflix)

Other parts of Duffers' responses also provide hints that something big is going to happen in Stranger Things 5, lending even more weight to the prospect that we'll see plenty of characters die in their final showdown with Vecna, the Mind Flayer, and the Upside Down.

"I think what we're trying to do is go back a little bit to the beginning in the tone of [season] one, but in terms of scale it's more in line with what [season] four is," continued Ross Duffer. "I hope there's a little bit of everything."

“We made our leaders cry, which I think was a good sign that those leaders were crying,” Matt Duffer added. "The only other times I saw them cry was like at budget meetings."

Stranger Things season 5 is shaping up to be an electrifying end to one of the best Netflix shows of all time. Recently, the show's writers revealed the title of the season five opener, The Crawl, and we have four big theories as to what the title of Stranger Things 1 ​​Episode 5 means.

Meanwhile, the Duffer brothers previously stated that Stranger Things season 5 will have shorter episodes than season four, which should make season five much easier to watch than its predecessor. If you missed our Stranger Things 4 coverage, read our spoiler-free Stranger Things season 4 review or check out our Stranger Things season 4 finale explained article.

Stranger Things 5 ​​doesn't have a release date, but filming will begin in 2023. The Crawl is the only episode that's been written so far - the Duffers revealed it during their FYC conference - so don't expect news of an official release date. start of production for quite some time.

(*5*) Analysis: It's time to kill your loves, Netflix

Max sits in front of Billy's grave during the day in Stranger Things season 4

Sadie's fate is already up in the air at the start of season 5. (Image credit: Netflxi)

In addition to the deaths of Barbara Holland, Bob Newby, and Eddie Munson, in seasons 1, 2, and 4, respectively, Stranger Things has had trouble killing off fan-favorite characters. Or any of the main actors in general.

It's a tricky problem that fans of the show and some of its cast have had for some time. Granted, a lot has been ironic, especially from the cast, we're looking at you Millie Bobby Brown, but it's a worthwhile debate, and one that has only grown in importance over the seasons.

We've enjoyed watching these characters evolve over four seasons, but if Stranger Things 5 ​​is going to have the massive emotional impact it needs, the show's final season has to kill some of their darlings.

It doesn't matter if it's Brown's Eleven, although he recently said he doesn't want Eleven to die in Stranger Things season 5, or someone else. For example, Sadie Sink's Max seems more likely for him to die at this point, with the character in a coma at the start of season five. Though Sink doesn't know what Max's fate is as we head into Stranger Things 5.

Regardless of which characters are likely to die, the Duffer Brothers must bite the bullet and commit to killing some of them. We hope that's the case, but after one too many fake character outings (Doctor Brenner and Jim Hopper being the most obvious), Stranger Things 5 ​​should be the end for some of our favorite Hawkins-based heroes. .

For more content based on Stranger Things, check out our thoughts on five ideas for these upcoming Stranger Things spin-off projects. You can also watch any of these five creepy sci-fi shows while you wait for Stranger Things 5 ​​to arrive.

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