Stranger Things Season 2 Volume 4 is almost here, and fans should be prepared for the death of a potentially significant character.

That's what the creators of the hugely popular Netflix show, also known as the Duffer Brothers, say, telling TVLine (opens in a new tab) that audiences should be "concerned" about the safety of the show's main cast.

Stranger Things season 4 will end when Volume 2 hits Netflix in July. The next installment of the '80s-inspired supernatural horror show will only have two episodes, but fans will definitely get their money's worth. The finale, in particular, is a feature in its own right, with the ninth episode of the season running for almost two and a half hours.

Given the dangerous situations the main cast of the show has faced for nearly four seasons, fans are clearly worried that someone bites the dust in the season 4 finale. The characters will be caused by Vecna. or something else, but many viewers are concerned for the well-being of Joe Keery's Steve Harington. The jock nanny-turned-heartthrob was originally meant to be killed off in Stranger Things season 1 but, after a change of heart, the Duffer brothers decided to keep him alive.

Since Steve was originally supposed to die three seasons ago, will the Duffers ultimately decide to shoot him in the season 4 finale? Naturally, the duo weren't revealing anything anyway when they spoke to TVLine. However, the Duffer brothers suggested that fans should worry about all of their favorite characters, raising the possibility that one or more cast members might not make it to the show's fifth and final season.

When asked if the public should be prepared for Steve's death, Matt Duffer said, "Everyone is always worried about Steve. He loves me. We always have to beat Steve somehow. another, so the Demobats have already done that job pretty well this season." .»

"It's wrong to say 'excited,' but I'm glad people are worried," Ross Duffer added. "And you should be worried before the last two episodes (*4*) - for everyone."

Anyone else keeping tissue boxes in case someone dies? Well, you don't need to do that yet. Stranger Things Season 2 Volume 4 won't be with us for another two weeks, with the final two episodes of the season arriving on Friday, July 1. While you wait, read our thoughts on why Netflix should change the release format of its hit series. Otherwise, check out 11 Things We Want To See From Season 2 Volume 4.

Analysis: Who is most likely to die in the Stranger Things season 4 finale?

Eleven is one of the few characters that will survive until Season 5 of Stranger Things. (Image credit: Netflix)

Based on Duffers' tantalizing tease, it would be much quicker to list the characters who won't die in the Stranger Things season 4 finale.

For starters, Eleven is nailed to fight one more day. As Sam Owens told him in episode 4: "Without you, we can't win this war." Since she's the only superpowered person who can take on Vecna, and the most likely candidate to end the Upside Down for good, Eleven should make it to the end of Season 4.

We believe that Jim Hopper and Max Mayfield will also survive. Both characters have been through a lot lately, and have even come close to death on a number of occasions: Hopper in the season 3 finale and Max in season 4 episode 4. They also deserve a little credit. . , which is why we think Joyce Byers and Lucas Sinclair, Hopper and Max's love interests on the show, will make it out alive.

We also can't see the Duffer brothers killing any of the original children. Of course, killing off any of Mike, Dustin, and Will would be a huge surprise and would certainly create a fierce debate online among fans of the show. However, as unexpected as it may be, we think the Duffers would be wrong to remove one or more of these characters. They started this on Stranger Things season 1 - it's only fair that everyone sees it through to the end.

Like everyone else, we think the rest of the cast is fair. Steve, Nancy, Jonathan, Robin, Eddie, Dr. Brenner, and Murray are prime candidates for the chop to varying degrees. Some of their deaths would be much stronger than others - Nancy and Steve would be particularly hard to bear. But, if the Duffer Brothers and Netflix want fans to remember Season 4 as the show's most mature and gruesome entry yet, they have to kill someone important. Place your bets on who it will be next.

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