Last year's Spotify Wrapped 2021 gave users of the music streaming service the chance to review everything they've listened to in the last 12 months: the good, the bad, and the just plain weird. So when can we expect Spotify Wrapped 2022 to show up?

The annual roundup of music picks is expected to appear on the mobile app very soon (it's not available on the web interface or desktop apps) and will be pretty hard to ignore once it's released, especially since it'll be everywhere. social networks. .

While we don't know for sure when Spotify Wrapped 2022 will arrive, we do have a big clue: Spotify tweeted (opens in new tab) from its official account on November 23, 2022 to say that Wrapped was imminent, so obviously it can't be. too far now.

Turn up the music…it's almost time to #SpotifyWrapped 23, 2022

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We know that Spotify Wrapped 2021 launched on Wednesday, December 1, while the previous year the statistics appeared on December 2, also Wednesday. Meanwhile, the Wrapped 2019 feature went live globally on December 5, which was a Thursday.

You can really choose between these dates - December 1st is the most recent and would make the most sense since it's the start of a new month. In other words, we're just days away from seeing Spotify Wrapped 2022.

There's already a Spotify Wrapped 2022 (opens in a new tab) website up and running, which you can visit right now. At the time of writing, it simply shows the message "Wrapped is coming" but will eventually change to show you your viewing habits for 2022.

What's included Spotify Wrapped 2022

Spotify Wrapped 2021 (Image credit: Future)

When Spotify Wrapped 2022 goes live, you'll have a host of different stats and charts to go by. For example, you will be told how many total minutes you listened to music and podcasts on Spotify in 2022.

You can then dig into the information presented: Spotify Wrapped 2022 will show you the music artists you've listened to the most and the individual songs that rocked your world.

There will also be a rundown of the music genres that dominated your listening on Spotify in 2022. If you're embarrassed by some of your song choices, you might want to make sure no one is looking over your shoulder when you load up Spotify. Packed 2022.

On the other hand, you will also be able to share your Wrapped 2022 summary with others, if you wish. Look out for Spotify Wrapped 2022 appearing wherever you listen to Spotify; It should appear in the first days of December.

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