If you plan to sell your property, it is key to know the current value in the real estate market so that you can obtain the best dividends, currently on the web you can find tools for online flat appraisal whose function is to value the property.

It is relevant to note that the appraisal is carried out with objective values, since all the elements of the property are analyzed to know the price that adjusts to reality, an online appraisal has the same validity as one carried out in person by an expert .

Where do you get the data for the valuation?

The valuation of a home allows discerning the price of a property, in a real estate appraisal the qualitative parameters, the construction and location of the property to be valued are taken into account.

The appraisal can be done online, the data for the appraisal is obtained from the owner of the home to be appraised, the information to be recorded includes:

  • Housing location
  • surface of the house
  • Number of rooms, environments, bathrooms, balcony, terrace, front, garage, terrace, garden and patio
  • State of conservation of the house
  • Inform if it has recently been reformed
  • If it has extras such as swimming pool or playgrounds
  • Cadastral reference

Online appraisal tools use a comparative valuation of the price reference of houses with similar characteristics that are registered in their database, online appraisal methods are based on the following factors:

  • Comparison
  • Residual
  • Cost
  • Actualización

How many operations do you have registered in your database? How recent are they?

An appraisal tool must have a database used to calculate the price of housing in the real estate market, the price is calculated based on the price of homes that have similar characteristics to the floor that is being appraised.

The real estate market is changing, it presents price fluctuations depending on the economy of the country, so it is key to verify that the database is up to date and recent dates not older than 3 months are taken as a reference to make the valuation.

It is important to point out that on the web you can find various tools to appraise a home online, through which you can perform an online appraisal to obtain the price of the home according to the real estate market and be successful in the sale.

What is the intention of the company performing the valuation?

To offer the homeowner the accurate tool to value their property at the current market price, the factors that determine the price of a home include:

  • Location
  • Nearby services
  • years of construction
  • type of housing
  • Current real estate trends

The intention of this type of company is to attract new customers, they almost always place a higher price than the one agreed at the end, since the price of the valuation thrown is the starting price, which is always negotiable at the time of closing the sale. .


Online appraisal tools are platforms created to offer the owner of a home an estimate of the current value of their property in the real estate market, although these portals turn out to be reliable in the appraisal, they do not replace the real estate appraisal.

It is important to know how these websites work to evaluate the price of a home, which usually assess the price through data that reflects information on recently sold apartments similar to the home in question.

The valuation is carried out to estimate the price of a property when it is for sale.


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