Achieving the digital transformation of a company based on the current business model is to enter fully into business digitization, in order to implement new technologies, technological resources and digital tools. All this with the aim of optimizing production processes and activities, as well as internal and external personal relationships. It is a global process from which the company redefines and adapts its model to the changes it has undergone. To comply with this transformation, a monitoring software is required, in this case we present two of the best, Nagios and the software Check MK, here we show you a small comparison to know which is the ideal for your company.

Monitoring software for your company

If you want to improve the experience of your customers, it is important to look at the way your company relates to suppliers and other businesses as a result of the development of new technologies. Production is another point that is favored with monitoring software. Streamline production processes, reduce time and costs in some areas with any of these software.

1. Check MK

Software Check MK offers you one of the best comprehensive monitoring solutions in a powerful and easily scalable way. In addition, it provides a broad, real-time view of the entire infrastructure, including services, applications, systems, and business processes, guaranteeing their maintenance.

It is designed for large companies, since Check MK was initially based on Nagios but with added functions, making it a much more complete tool. This software is ideal for public or private sector, you can monitor the entire infrastructure centrally in a single tool. You can also anticipate possible failures or degradations in the system.

2. Nagios XI

This monitoring system is one of the most used, Nagios XI It is open source, monitors the equipment and services that are specified. It has the ability to warn when one of the equipment or services does not comply with the appropriate behavior. It provides great versatility so that you can consult any parameter of interest of a system when these exceed the margins defined by the network administrator.

Of course, it monitors in real time. A clear example is the alert that is issued when a device connects to an interface. The device immediately sends a message to the software Nagios XI which produces supervision. monitoring of Nagios LogServer It notifies you immediately with the log data it receives from the server, applications and network devices.

Best infrastructure monitoring service

for a good Infrastructure Monitoring Service, ToBeIT is the consulting firm that best suits you as it offers solutions that best suit each company. They provide a broad view of the IT infrastructure long before problems affect your business in critical processes. The solutions provided and deployed monitor the infrastructure to ensure that the systems and all the services work correctly.

Remember that monitoring is important to manage your company's IT infrastructure, as it has benefits such as cost reduction, knowing the availability status in real time, saving on maintenance time and, of course, improving customer satisfaction.

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