Should I buy a Hisense TV? A look at the budget 4K TV brand

Should I buy a Hisense TV? A look at the budget 4K TV brand Do you have to buy a Hisense TV? With so many TV brands offering everything from budget TVs to wall-mounted displays, it can be impossible to determine which one is the best fit for your purchase, which is why we're here to help. Hisense is a brand that you have probably come across if you are looking for a TV at a good price. As a low-cost television brand, Hisense generally offers premium technology at a lower price than the competition. In other words, if you're particularly concerned about a particular HDR format or 4K resolution at the lowest possible price, Hisense will probably have the model that suits you best. As a major Chinese maker of various electrical products, Hisense covers everything from refrigerators to washing machines, though its smart TV lineup is one of the biggest components of its burgeoning business. And although it is state-owned, like many Chinese companies, Hisense has many international relationships. In 2015, he licensed the famous Sharp brand, bought part of a Mexican TV production line, and began manufacturing TVs for the US and South American markets using the Japanese company name, before taking several steps buying Toshiba's television business. There is no doubt that Hisense is a major player with a strong presence in the competitive TV market.

Should I buy a Hisense TV?

(Image credit: Hisense) So, after a brief history lesson, are Hisense's TV offerings worth examining? As always, the answer depends on several factors. Basically, the panels used in these sets are decent. They tend to have beautifully sharp images, decent black levels, and good color balance. However, with HDR compatible setsDon't expect them to offer the same level of brightness as the more expensive sets from the big brands. This means that the images displayed on the sets do not have the same brightness as the best HDR series. Its smart TV operating system can also be a bit risky between its different models. We liked it when we looked at the 55N6800 and were impressed by the variety of apps on offer, even though the overall interface wasn't as slick as some others. However, the situation was different when we looked at the 32M2600, which had a slow interface. The app selection was also much less extensive. Fortunately, you can avoid these OS problems by using a streaming box or a streaming device like Chromecast Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick+, or Nvidia Shield TV. (Image credit: Hisense) Hisense TV's price range has a real advantage. The Chinese company is firmly focused on the mid-market, with occasional forays into more exclusive gear like the very powerful (and extremely bright) H75U9A. Hisense's flagship TVs aren't quite up there with the best TVs in the world, but they're often much cheaper than their peers. Then you'll also get significant savings. As a result, even though your TV may not be the talk of your neighbors, it won't let them down, and the money you save can certainly be spent on getting great 4K content. However, there is a clear tension between quality and affordability. Although the H55OB8UK is the least expensive OLED TV on the market, it's not processing-savvy enough to maintain consistent image quality in the same way as its more expensive OLED competitors.

Hisense TV reviews

More importantly, what did TechRadar do with the latest Hisense TVs? We've seen Hisense TVs of all sizes and prices, from the 2600-inch M32 to the 65-inch Series 65 ULED. Check out some of the feedback links below.

Hisense TV O8B ULED

Revision of Hisense TV O8B ULED: The cheapest OLED TV market inevitably comes with some compromises. At €1,399 for the 55-inch UK model, was it worth it?

Hisense U8B ULED TV Review: one for UK only, but this high-end TV costs only €999 for a 65-inch model, which offers a high-impact display at a very low price.

TV LED Hisense A6200

Hisense A6200 50 Inch LED TV Review- A well-designed 50-inch TV with a solid feature set, a surprisingly accurate and an amazing price. It's not perfect, especially HDR, but you won't find a better value proposition for your money.

Hisense P7 TV Review ULED

Hisense P7 TV Review ULED: Hisense's 65-inch ULED package may be a bit pricey, but the exceptional clarity of the 4K resolution and exceptional brightness make it picture perfect and an ideal TV game.

hisense n4 6800k tv

Reviews of the Hisense N4 6800-inch 55K TV: A solid four-star product, proving that 4K TVs can be done well on a budget. This TV is also available in 60 inches and below.

Hisense M2600 32-inch TV

Review of Hisense M2600 32-inch TV- Although this didn't get our absolute approval, this solid 32-inch TV it was praised for its clear and detailed image. Just make sure you invest in a streamer or decoder by your side.