Shadow and Bone season 2: release date, plot, cast, and what we know so far

Shadow and Bone season 2: release date, plot, cast, and what we know so far Shadow and Bone was another fantastic hit TV series for Netflix.. The streamer adaptation of Leigh Bardugo's Grishaverse novels has hit #1 on the top 10 charts in the US and UK since its release on April 23 and we thought it made quite an impression. This popularity, coupled with the amount of source material remaining, means that there are more stories to be told in Shadow and Bone, so much so that a second season seems inevitable at this point. Netflix has yet to officially announce a second installment, but we wouldn't be surprised if the streaming giant did. With that in mind, below, we will review everything we know about a possible season 2 of Shadow and Bone until now. Here we take a look at its potential release date, plot threads, new and old cast, and more. It must be said that the spoilers of the Shadow and Bone season 1 and the Bardugo novels. Come back now if you haven't seen the entire TV show or if you don't want potential plot points from the books to be spoiled.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Release Date: 2022?

Shadow and bone (Image credit: Netflix/David Appleby) At the moment, there is no official release date for season 2. As we mentioned, Netflix has yet to greenlight a second season, but Bardugo and series showrunner Eric Heisserer are very eager to return to the Grishaverse adaptation. Asked the duo if they had heard from Netflix about the possibility of season 1 before the release of season 2, Heisserer humorously told us that we should "call Netflix and tell them to let us do the season." 2,” while Bardugo added: “We don't know how it's going to go. We didn't plan for this and it's up to the viewers and Netflix to see if we can execute. In a separate interview with Collider, Heisserer also revealed that he had "thought about this for many years," but had yet to hear from Netflix for another season. "I have comprehensive plans and would be delighted to activate them," he said. “If you were to look at my home office right now, I look like one of those crazy people with the murder board where it's just a bunch of maps and graphs and a chain that connects things. The creative team and I are ready to go if we find out we're coming back. " Heisserer's vision for Shadow and Bone may also include more than three seasons. While Bardugo's early novels, Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm, and Ruin and Rising, make up the Grisha trilogy, there are many other stories that may be incorporated into future seasons. In all, the Grishaverse contains a trilogy, two duologies, eight short stories, and two companion novels, so "there's a long way to go," as Heisserer tells Collider. Yes ok Shadow and Bone season 2 is based on Netflix hopefully Heisserer, Bardugo and everyone else will be ready to start production on season 2 as soon as it goes live. If that happens, a late 2022 or early 2023 release date will likely be set, given the clunky nature of the show's effects.

Shadow and Bone Season 2: which characters are returning?

Shadow and bone (Image credit: Netflix/David Appleby) Again, there's no confirmation on this front, but it's likely that all the main players from season 1 will return for a second installment: As the main protagonists of Shadow and Bone, Alina and Mal will surely return, while Kirigan who we know is still alive after leaving the Shadow Fold in the season finale, will also return. Kaz, Jesper, and Inej will also return. Just like in the Six of Crows duology, Dregs' story (more on that below) will align with Nina and Matthias', so we should see this trio link up with the latter duo. This was mentioned in the last episode of season 1, so expect them to join forces like they do in the novels. As for characters who could make the jump from Bardugo's book series to live-action TV series, Heisserer revealed (via Collider) that there will be "one hundred percent more Wylan" in season 2. if it is carried out. In the novels, Wylan Van Eck joins the Dregs as a demolitions expert for a job inside the Fjerdan military stronghold known as Ice Court. Another character that could appear in season 2 is Nikolai Lantsov. In the books, Nikolai takes the pseudonym Sturnhound and leads an armada of pirates who help in the war effort for the kingdom of Ravka. Nikolai becomes a key ally to Alina and Mal, so his arrival in the Netflix adaptation will be vital if the TV show primarily follows the Siege and Storm storyline in season 2. Heisserer teased the possible involvement of Nikolai in season 2 during a conversation with Inversa, so expect it. He'll be a new player if Netflix follows up with a second installment.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Trailer: Are There Any?

Shadow and Bone Netflix (Image credit: Netflix / David Appleby)

Shadow and Bone season 2 plot: what will it be?

Shadow and bone (Image credit: Netflix) If season 2 is on, it will follow two concurrent stories from Siege and Storm and Six of Crows. With Alina and Mal parting ways with the Dregs after the season 1 finale, season 2 is expected to continue their journey to new lands in order to keep Alina out of Kirigan's grasp. As the season 1 finale showed, Kirigan harnessed his Darkling powers and created new Fold creatures known as Nichevo'ya. Unlike the Volcra that inhabit the Fold, these monsters can move in broad daylight and will prove to be difficult opponents for Alina and Mal to defeat. Ben Barnes who plays Kirigan/The Darkling in the Netflix TV show, has expressed interest in Season 2 "moving away" from the (Collider's) books' storyline in the same vein that Season 1 brought the scum into the Alina arc. It's understandably unclear if Heisserer and the show's other producers would want to do this, but it would be an intriguing twist on the source material if they did. This would give established fans some new content, like Season 1 did, but it will be some time before we know the hard details of the plot. Meanwhile, the Dregs are expected to join Nina in an attempt to free Matthias, the duo and potentially Wylan, being key to Kaz's plan to save Bo Yul-Bayur, an inventor of a drug that Grisha finds. addictive, De Fjerda. Ice court. Shadow and Bone Season 1 already used Ice Court's 'impossible direction' angle for Dregs' initial mission to try and capture Alina, so there's a chance Bo's rescue could be tweaked for the TV series. . Another arc that could be adapted from another Grishaverse duology, King of Scars, is Zoya's. Secondary character in the Grisha trilogy, Zoya's character has a larger role in the second Bardugo duology and story elements from these books can be incorporated into the TV show, as Bardugo teased in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. In the season 1 finale, Zoya was seen heading to Novokribrisk, the city that Kirigan destroyed with the Crease to search for her family. If she finds out that they perished, Zoya could re-team with the Dregs, as she does in the novel The Crooked Kingdom of Six of Crows, or add parts of her story from the book King of Scars.

Shadow and Bone season 2: does it deserve another release?

Shadow and bone (Image credit: Netflix) Bottom line, yes. Although it does not have as large an audience as other great fantasy series, such as The Witcher, Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings, Grishaverse still has a large and passionate audience. His fan base will only grow as the Netflix adaptation introduces this world to new audiences. As we mentioned, it's already drawing viewers from both sides of the Atlantic and if its viewership ends up being high enough, Netflix will likely release data to show just how successful it's been. Netflix's adaptation of the Grishaverse can also go in many directions. Like the streamer's live-action Witcher series, Shadow and Bone could lead to spin-offs that delve into the larger universe and use Bardugo's source material as a base. Whether you're developing a pre-existing short story or creating entirely new content, Netflix can go all directions in and around a potential second season. It would be a shame to see Shadow and Bone season 1 be the only entry in this series. There's a lot more to see for both established fans and newcomers alike, so here's hoping Shadow and Bone season 2 doesn't take long to become a reality.