Originally only available on PC and mobile devices, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will make its debut on PS4 and Nintendo Switch in spring 2023 to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the first game.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster brings together the first six games in the sprawling franchise, each reworked to harness the power of modern machines. In addition to upsampling graphics from decades ago, the soundtrack has been revamped and the user interface has been modernized.

It wouldn't be a bad way to see how the series has evolved, before playing Final Fantasy 16 when it launches on June 22, 2023.

Most pre-orders for the standard PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions are currently sold out (opens in a new tab), though copies of the limited edition collector's boxes are still available. However, they will set you back €244,99 / US$298 / AU$444,36. That's a lot of money for a revamped '80s game.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Check out these classics individually or as a bundle when they release digitally in Spring 2023. Full details: https://t.co/eFZnqs6sPK pic.twitter .com/ciGKH8gkH818December 2022, XNUMX

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If you choose the Collector's Edition, you'll get "a vinyl record set containing newly arranged music from the game, a specially compiled art book featuring beautiful character pixel art and 8 stylized pixel art characters, and a lenticular sleeve extra for the game pack. ”

Its popularity speaks for itself. Despite the high prices, pre-orders for the standard editions for PS4 and Nintendo Switch seem to have sold out in just over a day, just like the PS4 Collector's Edition. There's still time to grab a copy of the Collector's Edition for your Switch, but you might want to act fast.

However, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is still available on Steam (opens in a new tab), where there's no risk of the store running out of digital copies. And, with the game available there or on PC, if the Collector's Edition is out of reach, you can cross your fingers that Square Enix releases the remaster on the PSN Store and Nintendo eShop in the future.

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