Sega goes retro again by introducing its old Mega Drive Mini 2.

The Mega Drive Mini 2 has been revealed (opens in a new tab) in a rather bizarre live stream on Sega's Japanese YouTube channel. Weird intros aside, the new mini console is based on the Mega Drive Model 2, which was released in 1994.

Model 2 was unique in that it supported the Mega-CD (better known as Sega CD in North America) add-on which gave players access to a new set of games. Reflecting on the past, Mega Drive Mini 2 will include Sega CD games.

The Mega Drive Mini 2 will launch in Japan on October 27. Given the popularity and rave reviews of the first mini-console (opens in a new tab), it would not be unreasonable to expect an international release similar to that of the Genesis Mini 2. The mini-console will start at 9980 yen, or approximately €75.

On the surface, the Mega Drive Mini 2 appears to offer a cartridge slot with working shutters, but if it looks anything like the first Mega Drive Mini, that's purely cosmetic. There are also power and reset buttons, which are also on the previous mini model and work as expected here.

The Mini 2 includes a controller, an HDMI cable, and a USB cable. According to the old mini console, the HDMI cable is used to connect to televisions and the USB to the power supply.

There will also be an accessory kit to decorate the Mini 2, including a Mega-CD add-on. Games are not included in the kit; rather, they are all decorative pieces that allow gamers to replicate the old console they once owned. The Mega Mini Drive 2 houses all the games it contains. The accessory kit is priced at 4500 yen (about $35) and includes a toy cartridge and stand.

Inside the Mini 2 are 50 games that will span the Mega Drive and Mega-CD libraries. Only 10 games have been revealed so far, which you can view on Sega's website (opens in a new tab). Their names are in Japanese, but some are in English. Confirmed games include Popful Mail, Sonic CD, Virtua Racer, Bonanza Brothers, and Shining Force CD.

Analysis: Future mini-consoles

It's a cool console for fans of retro gaming and it makes us wonder what's next. The Sega Mega Drive also had the 32X plugin which expanded the console's library; however, it was considered a complete failure. It's unlikely that Sega will release these titles or spend time creating a mini-32X.

But there may be a mini Dreamcast. According to Video Games Chronicle (opens in a new tab), a Sega producer has expressed interest in releasing a smaller Dreamcast console in the same vein as the Mega Drive Mini. The console certainly has the library.

If you want to get into retro gaming and buy old consoles, we recommend getting a proper CRT TV (Opens in a new tab).

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