Nvidia's RTX 4080 graphics card could boost power consumption to 100W more than the RTX 3080, if the vine GPU is on the money.

This latest rumor about the next-gen Lovelace GPUs stems from a lot of speculation on the topic of power consumption (or TGP), and Twitter-based Kopite7kimi now believes that the RTX 4080 will demand 420W from the power supply (power supply). of block).

Possible RTX 4080, PG139-SKU360, has 420W TGP, still uses AD103.6 Jun 2022

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Obviously this is just a rumour, so remain skeptical as always, but as a general suggestion of the RTX 4000's power consumption evolution, it doesn't seem too reassuring at first glance.

Note that the RTX 3080 draws 320W (ie the original 10GB incarnation), so as mentioned this is a theoretical 100W increase.

In fact, the RTX 3090 draws 350W, so the 4080 is way ahead of that and not too far off the level of the RTX 3090 Ti, which has a TGP of 450W, and Nvidia recommends a 850W PSU. W for this GPU, no less. (Remember, this is also a minimum spec, meaning those who are going to push things with faster high-end CPUs and overclocked components in their PCs would be wise to go for a decent margin on top of that.)

Analysis: A bitter PSU pill to swallow? Maybe, but it's not really a surprise.

Does that mean it's an RTX 4080 that requires an 800W PSU, then, or something? Well, it seems like a likely possibility if the 420W figure for the TGP is correct.

All of this may sound a bit far-fetched, but it's no surprise. There's been a lot of talk about Lovelace's increased power consumption on the vine for a long time, as Nvidia is apparently looking to hit the gas firmly in terms of performance throttling. And specifically regarding the RTX 4080, we already had an expectation of something like 350W to 450W for the TGP. We expected 400W to be correct if that estimate turned out to be correct, but 420W isn't too far off.

Of course, that doesn't mean it won't be a bitter PSU pill for some gamers, as far from everyone has an 800W or higher unit stashed away in their PC. And it's not just about the extra cost of a power supply update, since it is one of the most tedious procedures to carry out in terms of wiring; everything sucks a bit.

The TGP situation could have been worse by any measure, as Kopite7kimi was still talking about the possibility of the RTX 4080 hitting 450W just a few days ago.

Naturally, this speculation, or the sources of the leak, may be considerably off the mark, but at this point it seems unlikely (and the rest of the rumor mill doesn't disagree, taken together). Also, Kopite7kimi claims that he is 99% confident in this latest 420W prediction, which is a pretty strong statement.

Another interesting point here is that if the RTX 4080 ends up at 420W, for the sake of argument, where does that leave the RTX 4090? More recently, we heard that the flagship will require 450W, which is not much more than the claimed consumption for the 4080: just 30W.

This has led some to suggest that we might be looking at more than 500W for the 4090, but that's not necessarily the case. There could only be a 30W difference between the RTX 4080 and 4090 depending on Nvidia's old ways, because in fact if you look at the 3080 and 3090, the difference was exactly that: 320W power consumption for the first and 350 W for the second. The obvious problem now, however, is that instead of just flagship territory, which should be demanding hard GPU terrain, we're looking at the xx80 level which is supposed to require what could be a power supply requirement of 800 W (or maybe even more). .

Either way, these RTX 4000 graphics cards don't seem to support PSUs. The closer we get to Lovelace's release, the more accurate these predictions should theoretically be, and if the rumor mill about Nvidia's expected release schedule is correct, the RTX 4090 could land in August, which isn't too far off now.

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