The failure to launch tvOS 16 at the recent Apple WWDC 2022 was a disappointment to fans of the company's Apple (*16*) 4K streaming box. And while we were able to glean some potential new features from the tvOS 16 beta currently available to developers, the evidence of a new Siri Remote appearing is what really catches our eye.

The news comes to us via MacRumors, which cites contributor AaronP613 of the online software and device database AppledB for having discovered references to "SiriRemote4" in the iOS 16 beta. According to the MacRumors article, other references to a Siri Remote in the iOS 16 beta are leading in SiriRemote3, the version bundled with the current (*16*) 4K Apple box released in 2021, so SiriRemote4 could indicate that a new remote will be bundled along with a new mail box to come.

MacRumors goes on to explain how a new, lower-cost Apple (*16*) 4K, designed to compete with the cheaper Roku and Amazon Fire (*16*), is something Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously predicted, and could come. as early as the second half. of 2022.

Beyond the possibility of new Apple (*16*) 4K hardware, the tvOS 16 beta indicates that current set-top box owners can potentially look forward to HDR10+ High Dynamic Range and smart home support (including Matter). Additionally, various hooks will allow developers to better integrate Apple devices with tvOS apps, and there should be expanded support for Bluetooth game controllers.

That's a good amount to look forward to, but the big story here is the possibility of a new box. Given the lack of official tvOS developments coming out of WWDC 2022, the prospect of a new, more affordable Apple (*16*) 4K streamer arriving this fall seems like the best possible outcome.

The metal-clad remote that comes with the Apple (*16*) 4K (2021) reflects the luxury status of Apple's streamer. (Image credit: Apple)

Review: Apple (*16*) 4K already has a great remote. What we need is a cheaper Apple (*16*) 4K.

As an owner of the latest generation Apple (*16*) 4K, I am completely satisfied with the remote that comes with it. Apple's Siri Remote is well-designed and solid, with an aluminum casing that makes phones that come with other transmitters look cheap by comparison.

Beyond its impressive build quality, the current Siri Remote improves on many of the previous version's shortcomings. Most notably, the circular touchpad on top of the remote allows for easy navigation and playback control. That puts it far ahead of its predecessor, which featured a flat, overly sensitive touchpad that users accidentally tapped on, with the frequent result of the show you were watching scrolling to the end. Speaking of spoiler alerts!

But really, we're not talking here about the existing Siri Remote, which is clearly a hit, or any supposed new replacement. What is at stake is the possibility of a new transmission box, which would be sold at a more affordable price than the current version with stratospheric prices.

At $179 / £169 / AU$249 for the 32GB version and $199 / £189 / AU$279 for the 64GB version, the Apple (*16*) 4K is a streaming luxury buy. Given the current state of the global economy, it would be a sensible and very welcome move for Apple to offer something cheaper.

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