The timer is counting down to the launch of the Google Pixel Watch (and Pixel 7 series), scheduled for October 6, but that hasn't stopped the tide of leaks in the meantime; with one of the latter tackling one of the watch's less talked about traits: battery life.

This latest Pixel Watch reveal, believed to come from a Taiwanese mobile carrier and later featured on a "Google News" Telegram channel (opens in a new tab), includes what appears to be press footage. official ones detailing various aspects of the Pixel Watch, including what's in the box and core functionality.

These feature details mention the Pixel Watch's Gorilla Glass-protected front, Fitbit integration, box contents, and more. But paired with a photo of the Pixel Watch on its charger (apparently a plastic magnetic charging puck with a USB-C connection), the battery life of Google's first smartwatch is supposed to be promising: it claims to last 24 hours.

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Google Pixel Watch filtró imágenes de prensa de las características del operador taiwanés Telegram(Image credit: Telegram channel "Google News")Google Pixel Watch leaked press images Taiwanese operator Telegram what's in the box(Image credit: Telegram channel "Google News")Google Pixel Watch leaked press images from Taiwanese operator Telegram Fitbit(Image credit: Telegram channel "Google News")Google Pixel Watch Leaked Press Images Timing Details From Taiwanese Operator Telegram(Image credit: Telegram channel "Google News")Google Pixel Watch leaked press images of the Taiwanese operator's Telegram services(Image credit: Telegram channel "Google News")

While Garmin fitness trackers and multisport watches promise days of battery life, feature-packed smartwatches with color LCD or OLED screens and fluid UI animation, like the latest Apple Watch 8 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, are usually quoted in hours.

The new Apple Watch Ultra is currently Apple's smartwatch battery champion, promising between 36 and 60 hours of battery life (depending on the use case), Samsung's latest Watch 5 adds a promised ten hours to its predecessor ( for a total of 50 hours), and the Apple Watch 8 offers the same 18-hour battery life as last year's Apple Watch 7.

Analysis: Does 24 hours really mean all day?

If this leak is about the money, the promise of 24 hours of use per charge puts the Pixel Watch in the middle of the pack, according to its supposed rivals from Apple and Samsung, however, whatever the numbers are, 24, hours might. not be. spend so much time in the real world.

Despite a 13% year-over-year increase in battery capacity, the 5 Samsung Galaxy Watch 2022 is only good for daily use, with our review saying "you'll need a charge every 24 hours" and this is from a watch that quotes a 50 hour battery.

With the Pixel Watch promising less than half the promise and said to rely on the same 920nm Exynos W5 chipset as the Galaxy Watch 4 and 5, if its power requirements and power management come close to Samsung's, the actual lifespan The Pixel Watch's battery life could be its biggest weakness.

While there's not much more to find out about the Pixel Watch at this late stage, we have to wait until Thursday, October 6 for the final details and then for a full range of tests of our process. The tech watch is worthy of a place among the best smartwatches.

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