If you'd love to buy a new Samsung phone but don't want to pay big bucks for a flagship Galaxy S mobile phone, each year's FE spin-off was your best bet. However, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE will never appear.

This comes from SamMobile (opens in a new tab), which says that the budget version of the Galaxy S22 may have been cancelled, and sources apparently say that a phone with the expected model number of the S22 FE is simply not in development.

The Galaxy S22 FE wouldn't have been a contender for our best cheap phones list, as it would likely be a mid-range version of the company's flagship devices, but it would have been a cheaper version of the popular but expensive S22. .

This was the case with the Galaxy S20 FE and, in theory, the Galaxy S21 FE, but the latter came so late that it didn't actually undermine the Galaxy S21, which had seen several months of price cuts at the time of its FE. version appeared.

If the S22 FE does come out, it will be the third-gen version of Samsung's FE line, but it's unclear from this leak if the company has dropped that Fan Edition line altogether, or will just skip a year.

It's also unclear why the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE was apparently cancelled, but with the much-delayed S21 FE launching surprisingly close to the S22 series, Samsung may have seen reduced interest in the range.

Analysis: It's not the end of the world

Fans of affordable or mid-range phones may be upset by the discontinuation of the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE, or they may feel like the company is ditching its budget phones, but thankfully that's not the case.

In fact, if you want a Samsung phone without the hefty price tag, the Galaxy S FE range was never the place to look, and it still is now.

Instead, Samsung's Galaxy A lineup offers mid-range and budget phones with high-end specs but eye-popping prices. If you want a really low-end phone, the Galaxy A13 is what you need, but we really recommend the Galaxy A53, a competent mid-range alternative to the S22, which currently sits on our list of the best smartphones put together.

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