Samsung Galaxy Note 11: what we want to see

Samsung Galaxy Note 11: what we want to see Samsung Galaxy Note 11 release date still months away, but it's likely to be the next, only new smartphone with a stylus you're considering in 2020. The Samsung S Pen has really cornered the best pen phone market year after year. The Note 11, like the Galaxy Note 10 last August, it will be a powerful phone. But we'd like to see it do more than act as a slightly larger square version of the upcoming Galaxy S11 with a stylus. The next Note phone could be so much more. How? Since the stylus is so important to the identity of the phone, we want to see the S Pen become a true extension of the Samsung Galaxy Note 11 - more physical commands, more reasons to remove it from the phone. We would also like to see the usual improvements, such as a better camera, a sharper screen, etc. These improvements will probably happen no matter what. (We're also hoping to see stronger glass in case we run into more, uh, accidents.) We haven't seen many concrete leaks on the Samsung Galaxy Note 11 yetHowever, this usually happens shortly after the launch of the Galaxy S flagship phone. But we're running with our expectations and have our finger on the upgrade button once the rumor mill kicks into high gear. samsung galaxy note (Image credit: LaComparacion)

Cut to the hunt

Samsung Galaxy Note 11 launch date and price

Since the previous phones in the range were launched in August or September of their year, we expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 11 to launch in August 2020. Regarding cost, the Note 10 launched at a starting price of $949 / €869 / AU$1,499, so we expect a starting price somewhere around there or even more. The larger Note 10 Plus costs $100 / €130 / AU$200 more, so we expect a similar price hike for the inevitable Note 11. This pricing system has become fairly standard for high-profile flagship phones. Samsung's flagship phones are likely to have 5G capability across the range: Snapdragon 865 chipset it should be at the heart of almost every flagship Android phone, and Qualcomm's new chipset is paired with a 5G modem. This poses a problem for all 5G phones in 2020. Verizon sold the Note 10 Plus 5G in the US for $1,299 (about €974 / AU$1,888), so we expect the normal price to be higher for all 5G phones. 11G capable versions of the Note XNUMX. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (Image credit: future)

Samsung Galaxy Note 11 leaks and news

The Samsung Galaxy Note 11 is still a year away from its launch, but there have been some potentially revealing leaks. The first is a rumor that there may not even be a Note 11, unnamed anyway. Samsung could combine its two flagship lines into a single phone called the Galaxy One, which is essentially "an S series with an S stylus," according to Evan Blass. Patents suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S11 or Note 11 may contain a spectrometer, a component that analyzes objects to discover their chemical composition. Although it is not the first phone to pack the device after the Changhong H2, as LetsGoDigital pointed out, the Note 11 would be a phone with a much larger version. The Note 11 could contain a front display camera, that it would stay below the full screen instead of a notch or hole, industry sources told the site Korean tech company The Elec, and backed up by a tweet from a notable @UniverseIce.

Samsung to launch under display camera phone next year! not S11, not Fold 2 Oct 17, 2019

Of course, some or all of these things could come first on the Galaxy S11, as the S series has often debuted new tech that this year's Note Entry inherits. Be sure to check out the Samsung Galaxy S11 page for all the rumors that we have heard about the features of this phone, such as this one with a 5000 mAh battery and a 108 MP camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 11: What we want to see

As we have not heard many rumors about the Note 11, we'll speculate on what we want to see: improvements from last year's model and innovations we think would set the next phone apart.

1. More capabilities in the S Pen

The S Pen was the true selling point of the Note series- A neat pen on the phone for those with a torch for Palm Pilot-style productivity. But apart from a few new features introduced in the last couple of years - a button that doubles as a camera shutter, some half-baked gestures - the S Pen is still primarily a writing instrument. samsung galaxy note (Image credit: future) Instead, we'd like to see the S Pen evolve into more proxies for the phone.. If they can insert one button, why not two more? It would be very useful to keep the phone in your pocket or posed for video and use the pen to play with the volume and media navigation. Even better, It would be great if the S Pen was used as a more universal remote control across the Samsung family of devices., perhaps replacing a four-way joystick for the click-top so users can navigate. All we really know is that the S Pen doesn't live up to its potential.

2. "Budget flagship" version

We're big fans of the Samsung Galaxy S10e and the standard iPhone 11 for their value as budget flagships of their respective ranks., and we'd love to see a more affordable version of the Note family. This is not a crazy idea: there already appears to be a Note 10 Lite in production, if this leak is to be believed. (Image credit: Future) But if a Lite version of the latest Note isn't in the cards, getting one for the next version would be a great opportunity to not only put the S Pen in more hands, but play around with the design. of notes in general. Earlier phones in the range are sleek but big phablets, but why not take a page out of the Google Pixel 4 book and give the flagship Lite/budget version a funky look?

3. Better cameras, specifications, etc.

Like every year, we expect the Note 11 to get improvements over its predecessor, especially in the cameras.. And since they generally get similar, if not identical, lens assemblies to this year's Samsung Galaxy S series, we can expect future developments on the Galaxy S11 to carry over to the Note 11. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (Image credit: TechRadar) So, the rumored 108MP camera heading to the S11 Plus would be great to expect on the Note 11, and in the same report, a 5000mAh battery. Both are nice improvements, and we'd like to see battery life extended to a full two days, especially with the screen-intensive S Pen feature. One thing we know for sure: the Note 11 will receive the same Snapdragon 865 chipset for all high-end Android phones in 2020, which we recently got, and found that it outperformed the chipset. Apple's A13 which is in the iPhone 11 line.

4. Transparent screen

While the punch hole is certainly a less obtrusive upgrade to the notch, there are still tradeoffs: we would like to see a screen without interruptions. This likely means a front secondary display window for the lens, which is something a leak suggests could be going on. (Image credit: future) The Note 11 may not be the first phone with this evolution, but given its status as the most stylish flagship in the Samsung range, we'd like to see this big-screen phablet go transparent.

5. 5G cheaper

The Galaxy Note 10 5G costs significantly more than its 4G counterparts with only minor spec and camera improvements, putting connectivity to next-generation networks out of reach for most people. It would be great to see this decrease in costs, period. (Image credit: Samsung) 2020 probably won't be the year every flagship phone supports 5G out of the box, but it will be a lot harder to get to if every 5G phone goes back to half the price of its standard version. Since the Note line usually comes out towards the end of the year, Samsung could get ahead of the curve by lowering the price of a 5G Note 11 and further differentiating it from the upcoming Galaxy S11.