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ASICS Magic Speed 2, Sneaker Hombre, Safety Yellow/White, 42 EU
ASICS Magic Speed 2, Sneaker Hombre, Safety Yellow/White, 42 EU
Carbon plate in the forefoot; FF BLAST cushioning; Guidesole Technology
148,00 EUR


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Two minute review

The Magic Speed ​​is a neutral running shoe, which according to Asics, is designed for running and is a staple for training runs. Unlike the Asics Metaspeed Sky and Edge, the Speed ​​is a more affordable option that incorporates some of the features of those more expensive performance shoes while still giving you a fast and dynamic feel.

Asics uses their FF Blast midsole foam to deliver responsive, lightweight cushioning., with a half-length carbon fiber plate and Guidesole curved rocker design to deliver that forward-thrusting feel without straining your legs.

The technical mesh upper has an airy design to keep things breathable, with flat laces, a slim tongue, and a minimal heel collar that keeps the overall weight of the shoe low. underfoot, The outsole is made from two types of rubber for durability and is designed to excel on both dry and wet roads.

Asics Magic Speed ​​feels better at faster speeds (Image credit: Michael Sawh)

Asics Magic Speed ​​Review | Comparison 1

It's a shoe that feels better at faster paces and while the cushioning is a bit firm, it is responsive and still feels like a controlled and stable running shoe.

Combine that with uA thin, lightweight upper offers a supportive fit, and it's a well-priced shoe that pairs well with other fast-paced everyday sneakers like Saucony Endorphine Speed ​​2 and Puma Velocity Nitro.

Examine the sample provided by SportShoes.

Price and release date

The Asics MagicSpeed ​​was released in March 2021 and costs $145 / €150 / AU$250 from Asics.


The Magic Speed ​​sees Asics continue their love with a sunrise red and white colourway that began on the Metaracer., and we have no complaints about that for the Speed. It's another great look that feels made to run.

Along with its striking look and curvy silhouette, it's also a pleasantly light shoe, weighing in at 187g for the women's shoe and around 230g for the men's option. It's not as light as the Metaspeed Sky, but it's about the same weight as similarly priced shoes like Saucony's Endorphine Speed ​​2.

Asics Magic Speed ​​running shoes

Mesh upper is lightweight and breathable (Image credit: Michael Sawh)

Much of this is due to the mesh upper, which is thin and perforated to keep things airy and breathable. There are flat laces for a good fit and there is very little tongue, which after a few little games fits the top of the foot perfectly. Asics was minimal on the heel collar as well, but look inside the shoe and you'll see there's only a little padding to keep that skinny collar from rubbing against the back of the heel.

The fit is significantly narrower, so some with wider feet may find it comfortable. Our UK size 8 was fine for our narrow feet, with plenty of room in the toe box, but it's definitely a shoe that you might want to explore your sizing options with.

Regarding the specifications, it has a 5mm drop like the Metaspeed Sky, with a slightly higher stack height of 29mm in the forefoot and a 34mm stack height in the heel. Asics EVA-based Flytefoam Blast cushioning is implanted in the midsole, which reduces the weight of the shoe but also ensures its durability. This is a shoe designed to take regular hits.

Asics Magic Speed ​​running shoes

Magic Speed's grooved outsole makes it agile on rough roads (Image credit: Michael Sawh)

There's also a carbon plate here, but it's not full length. Instead, covers the curved forefoot to give you that push-forward feel that carbon can help deliver.

on the sole, Asics uses a combination of rubbers to provide strong abrasion resistance to ensure it doesn't wear out quickly and provides plenty of traction. It doesn't completely cover the outsole, with some exposed foam in the heel, but the grooved design in the forefoot follows this curved sole design to make it an agile shoe as you twist and turn on tougher routes and runs.


The Magic Speed ​​works very differently than the Metaspeed Sky, but it's no big surprise when this shoe is really Asics' answer to the Nike Vaporfly and Alphafly shoes. There are also noticeable differences in the upper, the cushioning, and the distances they seem to stick out.

Asics Magic Speed ​​running shoes

Asics Magic Speed ​​rewards you when you want to run fast (Image credit: Michael Sawh)

In a 10K race, the general feeling was that when you want to run fast in this shoe, you are rewarded.. The Asics Flytefoam Blast midsole foam is firmer than the Flytefoam Blast Turbo foam used in the Metaspeed Sky and the foams used in rival shoes like the Saucony Endorphin Speed ​​2 provide noticeable forward thrust without being aggressive.

It was a similar story for tempo races and interval track sessions. When you pick up the pace, these shoes are quick and fun to wear, but they never give you the feeling of instability like you're wearing a stacked full-length carbon plate shoe.

On longer training runs, it is a shoe that is generally comfortable and can lend itself to those longer periods. However, when you slow down or even walk, it just doesn't seem right for those slow, easy steps.

While this upper is pleasantly light, comfortable, and minimal with the heel collar, the strategically placed inner padding means it's stable for running too. The rubber outsole provides satisfying grip on dry and wet roads and is more durable than the Metaspeed Sky.

Asics Magic Speed ​​running shoes

The outsole offers plenty of grip in wet conditions, but we recommend that you don't get lost off-road (Image credit: Michael Sawh)

When we ventured off-road, the feeling underfoot wasn't very good, so it's a good idea to keep racing on the road and on the track if you want it to go all the way on the road.

If you compare Magic Speed ​​to what you can get for this priceor, you look like the Saucony Endorphin Speed ​​2, the Hoka One One Carbon X2, or even the cheaper Puma Velocity Nitro.

The Speed ​​2 and Velocity Nitro definitely feel more versatile in terms of working a variety of beats, while the X2 also has superior cushioning and roomier plush. The Magic Speed ​​is in good company here though, and overall is a good shoe to slip into quickly.

Buy it if

You want a quick daily shoe

If you are looking for something for tempo and interval sessions, this is where MagicSpeed ​​really excels.

You want a light and supportive rod

Asics has reduced the weight, but offers support in the right places to provide a stable and controlled ride.

Even if you don't buy it

You want a smoother ride

The padding on the MagicSpeed ​​is a bit firm, which doesn't suit everyone.

You want something for easy miles

The clue is in the name. It is a shoe designed for speed and not a shoe for all tastes.


SalesTOP. one
ASICS Magic Speed 2, Sneaker Hombre, Safety Yellow/White, 42 EU
ASICS Magic Speed 2, Sneaker Hombre, Safety Yellow/White, 42 EU
Carbon plate in the forefoot; FF BLAST cushioning; Guidesole Technology
148,00 EUR
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