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If you're thinking about buying one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners (opens in a new tab), Ultenic might not be a brand that immediately comes to mind. That's not a surprise considering it only launched in 2021. However, it's a brand determined to innovate and respond to customer feedback, which puts it in a good position to make its mark in the already saturated skincare market. of floors.

The T10 is one of only two robot vacuums the company offers, and it's the more premium model that comes with the ability to self-empty. Unlike many self-emptying robots we've reviewed, the charging station that houses the dust bag isn't overly large, but keep in mind that you'll have to commit to purchasing replacement vacuum bags. .

In addition to regular cleaning, it also offers the function of scrubbing; but unlike the vacuum cleaner's hands-off process, the latter requires more input from you. The water reservoir should be filled and the mop pad attached before wet mopping a floor, while also being removed and washed at the end. Also, the small water reservoir means you'll have to keep an eye on the water level. Also note that when cleaning, the T10's microfiber pad can quickly become clogged with dirt, making it more suitable for light cleaning tasks.

In the test, the robot vacuum cleaned thoroughly, navigating the floor space in an even pattern. In addition, we appreciate the choice of three levels of suction. The app was also intuitive to use, including most of the features we'd come to expect. However, it doesn't store multiple cards very well, making it less functional in multi-level homes.

Overall, we were pretty impressed with what the T10 offers for the price. It's best suited for light, regular cleaning tasks, but if you're looking for a robot that gets rid of the mop and bucket, this isn't the one for you.

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Price and Availability Ultenic T10

  • List price: € 599 / € 599 / AU € 899

Ultenic T10 is widely available throughout the world. In the United States, it can be purchased directly from Ultenic or Amazon. In the UK, it's available from Amazon UK (opens in a new tab), while in Australia it's available from robotic vacuum cleaner retailers like Robot My Life.

The vacuum bags come in different sized packs, with the six-pack costing around $16.99 / $26.99 from Amazon. In Australia, a pack of three bags will cost AU$24. Ultenic states that the bags should last up to 60 days each; but obviously how quickly they fill up will depend on the size of your home, how often you use the cleaner, and how much dirt it picks up.

Price and availability: 4.5/5

Ultenic T10

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Ultenic T10 Design

  • Remote
  • washable HEPA filter
  • laser navigation

In terms of size, the T10 is similar to most of the round robot cleaners we reviewed, with a diameter of around 13,5 inches/34,5 cm. Above all, the charging station that houses the dust bags measures 14 x 11 x 7,7 inches/ 35,5 x 28 x 19,5 cm (H x W x D), which although larger than if it weren't A self-emptying model, it is compact compared to many other robotic emptying cleaners.

A cover on the top of the charging station lifts up to provide access to the dust bag, which fits neatly into a slot on the side and is easy to remove and replace. The robot comes with two bags in the box, each of which should last up to 60 days, depending on the amount of dirt collected. The robot automatically empties the dirt into the bag each time it returns to the charger, although you can change the frequency in the app.

For cleaning there is an accessory that is used in combination with one of the two mops. To activate the cleaning function, the dust container must be removed and filled with water, and the cleaning accessory must be installed. Water drips onto the mop pad as you clean, and you can control the flow rate through the app. We will describe the process more like mopping the floor than cleaning it.

If you intend to use the app, and we strongly recommend that you do, the remote that comes in the box will be redundant. That said, it does offer another way to start the robot and adjust suction levels, activate spot cleaning, or send the robot back to the charger. The box also contains a spare side brush, filter and cleaning brush.

Under the hood are plenty of smart features, like 360-degree laser scanning and mapping, radar navigation, and automatic carpet suction booster. There is HEPA filtration and the use of bags prevents the inevitable cloud of dust when emptying the dirt into the bin, making it a great option for allergy sufferers.

Design: 4.5 / 5

Ultenic T10

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Ultenic T10 Performance

  • Mop performs light cleaning
  • efficient self-draining
  • The robot takes a logical path.

By spraying oatmeal at three different spots on the floor, the T10 recovered about 95% from one spill and about 85% from another. About 50% of the oatmeal spilled on a shag carpet was picked up by the robot vacuum, leaving some embedded in the carpet. Most of the remaining oats were picked up in a second pass, but there was still some on the shag carpet.

We also spilled flour on the surface of various parts of a hardwood floor, and while the vacuum picked up over 90% of each spill, it did not remove the flour from the shallow grooves between the hardwood floorboards. But that's consistent with the level of pickup we see in most robot vacuums.

On carpets, the T10 was effective at cleaning surface dust and debris, leaving the carpet feeling clean. However, we did notice hair getting tangled around the brushroll, but a tool is provided to help cut it.

Ultenic's robot vacuum navigates rooms in a logical pattern, starting at the edges and then vacuuming in clean lines to cover the entire floor area. At one point, he climbed onto a lamp base and got stuck for a moment, but eventually managed to free himself.

The vacuum isn't too loud, registering 70dB on hard floors at maximum suction, which drops to 60dB at the lowest suction level. Auto drain takes 15 seconds and is the loudest feature on this robot vacuum at 80dB. And while it's as loud as some mixers, it's only for a brief moment.

For cleaning, you can choose between three levels of water flow. On the highest of them, the water tank lasted about 60 minutes before we had to refill it. That's enough to clean around 40 m2 of space or two average-sized rooms. Unfortunately, there is no alert that tells you that the water has run out, so you have to be vigilant. While cleaning, the robot takes a different path than it vacuums, moving in short back-and-forth motions for a deeper clean.

El T10 pudo limpiar con eficacia un derrame de ketchup fresco en un piso de madera, pero solo eliminó parcialmente una porción de ketchup que se había secado durante la noche. También hemos notado que durante la limpieza, la almohadilla del trapeador se satura rápidamente de suciedad, por lo que si está limpiando un área particularmente grande o sucia, es una buena idea quitarla y enjuagarla. De lo contrario, simplemente comenzará a manchar la suciedad. Cuando se limpia con la succión de vacío desactivada, el T10 es muy silencioso, solo alcanza 50 dB en nuestro medidor de sonido, que es similar al nivel de ruido en una oficina silenciosa.

The manual doesn't provide details that the mop pads are machine washable, although we threw them in our washing machine with a synthetic wash and it worked fine. It is important to make sure that no wet mops are left in the vacuum; otherwise they can become smelly.

In terms of other maintenance, the automatic emptying function means that the vacuum cleaner does not require too much attention. But the brushes, sensors, and filter will need an occasional cleaning to keep them running at peak performance. Fortunately, the app monitors the lifespan of various replaceable parts and alerts when they need to be replaced.

Yield: 4/5

Ultenic T10

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Ultenic T10 Application

  • Many adjustable parameters
  • Does not store multiple cards.
  • Simple setup

You will get the most out of this vacuum through the app – it is the best way to control it as well as check and adjust all the settings. We found it very easy to connect the robot to the app, which guides you through the process. Once connected, you can adjust the suction level as well as the water flow rate, send it to automatic cleaning or clean a specific area.

El robot creará un plano de planta de su área, y la aplicación le permite dividirla y crear zonas prohibidas; es muy intuitivo de usar. También obtendrá una vista en vivo de la ruta del robot mientras limpia, lo cual es útil si desea verificar si limpió una habitación específica.

If you move the robot to another floor of your house, it will remap the space, but it won't save both maps so you can easily switch between them. However, there is a workaround: by accessing the cleanup logs, you can find the old cards and tell the app to switch to one of them. It's an unnecessarily clunky way to access other maps, and definitely an area that can be improved in future updates.

As you'd expect from robot vacuum cleaners, the app lets you create cleaning schedules for automatic cleaning. You can also adjust how often the cleaner empties, as well as turn this feature off entirely, which is handy if you don't have any garbage bags. Additionally, it also integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice activation.

Application: 4/5

Ultenic T10

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Duración de la batería Ultenic T10

  • Long battery life in cleaning mode
  • Automatically returns to the charging station
  • Full charge in four hours

At the highest suction level, the battery lasted about 100 minutes, enough time to clean about 1076 ft2/100 m2 of surface area. When the battery level reaches 15%, the cleaner will stop cleaning and return to the charger. That means the T10 is not using 100% of…

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